The 101 of Kybalion.

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(A Meditation on the Kybalion and matters related to it.)




This meditation is not for everybody. Human nature is different and everyone will approach the study of the Kybalion through their own way. If what you read here is not for your liking, please find something more pleasing for yourself.


Despite the difference in perception between people, there is an innate need to have a communal approach to discover what plays an important part in our realization: where we are as people. (See the description of this need in the Aristotle quote below.)


I believe the Kybalion is a very precise and quasi (as if; as it were) pragmatic metaphysical description of the world, but the Kybalion is not a metaphysical study of the world. The Kybalion is very specific journey into reality and it is not what many perceive it to be: a medium where waffle (to talk or write aimlessly and at length) should prevail. By necessity one must start with solid foundations and when those foundations are established, a further analysis will successfully proceed if the laws are not abandoned for the convenience of un-real imaginations.


The Ancient Greek language originated the prefix meta- which is used to describe the implications of: above, beyond, behind, between. (The Macquarie and Cassell Dictionaries.)


Traditionally, metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. It seeks a description so basic, so essentially simple, so all-inclusive that it applies to everything, whether divine or human or anything else. It attempts to tell what anything must be like in order to be at all.



Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the ultimate nature of reality, being, and the world.

Physics is a science which devotes its interests to discover the behaviour of matter either directly or by observing invisible events detected by facts. Those events must by definition be replicable. So the two words, meta and physics is the study of the behavior of matter above, beyond, behind, between and all the realizable situations.


Perhaps one should make the distinction between metaphysics and the Kybalion at this stage. Metaphysical study deals with the behavior of matter and the Kybalion deals with the behavior of ‘the mind of the matter,’ the mind of the observer.


But there were always a few faithful souls who kept alive the Flame, tending it carefully, and not allowing its light to become extinguished. And thanks to these staunch hearts, and fearless minds, we have the truth still with us. But it is not found in books, to any great extent. It has been passed along from Master to Student; from Initiate to Hierophant; from lip to ear. The Kybalion (page 20)


Through metaphysics, we are looking for items which we may be able to handle through complex interrelationships. Thus our study in metaphysics should reflect the understanding through the observable reactions of the world when we become interconnected to people of the same ilk.


Kybalion on the other hand creates a medium and a tool-system. It assist the student with stability and an understanding about the world and how the world reflects itself in the mind of the observer. This complex relationship the Kybalion achieves through divesting the subject of study from the perception of God which allows the uninformed to attach rituals to a divine subject.


While the two (metaphysics and Kybalion) may cover the same territory, they have a different playground as it were, despite the fact that both may use the same systems of analysis to understand the observed world.


“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of our exploring will be

To arrive where we started and know

The place for the first time.

(T.S. Eliot Four Quartets Little Gidding’ (1942) pt 2.)


The above mental environment (of departure-understanding-return) for ever has been under a protective-cloud of the Masters and the invisible brethren. In the past and still in the present people referred to them as the White Brethren. I would like to clarify a factual point. Inevitably, one needs to express a political view. I know of no real student of the Kybalion who ever would make a distinction as a result of a person’s skin color. The white refers to the concept of the one that contains all colours. I prefer to call them the Invisible Brethren. The reason for the protective cloud is that what one can create, one can also destroy; if the understanding of the intimate workings is in the hands of the incorrect mind most of us are doomed.


At on Fri Mar 23, 2007 3:14 pm under the heading The Local Pub – The Religion of Shit; under the pseudonym ‘thetransylvanian’ I contributed with two major points. 


  1. The first stated the importance of the self as the observer and
  2. The second point was relating to Pythagoras in that: ‘what you say makes you who you are. ’

These two specific concerns are connected to the students of the Kybalion – must take note about the qualities of the observer and also must learn to question in depth and the quality of the information given about the Kybalion to them needs questioned.


Aristotle wrote in his work Metaphysics:

"Since we are seeking this knowledge, (the understanding of all that is about us) we must inquire of what kind are the causes and the principles, the knowledge of which is Wisdom. If one were to take the notions we have about the wise man, this might perhaps make the answer more evident. We suppose first, then, that the wise man knows all things, as far as possible, although he has not knowledge of each of them in detail; secondly, that he who can learn things that are difficult, and not easy for man to know, is wise (sense-perception is common to all, and therefore easy and no mark of Wisdom); again, that he who is more exact and more capable of teaching the causes is wiser, in every branch of knowledge; and that of the sciences, also, that which is desirable on its own account and for the sake of knowing it is more of the nature of Wisdom than that which is desirable on account of its results, and the superior science is more of the nature of Wisdom than the ancillary; for the wise man must not be ordered but must order, and he must not obey another, but the less wise must obey him.

"Such and so many are the notions, then, which we have about Wisdom and the wise. Now of these characteristics that of knowing all things must belong to him who has in the highest degree universal knowledge; for he knows in a sense all the instances that fall under the universal. And these things, the most universal, are on the whole the hardest for men to know; for they are farthest from the senses. And the most exact of the sciences are those which deal most with first principles; >for those which involve fewer principles are more exact than those which involve additional principles, e.g. arithmetic than geometry.


I will use a metaphor to evaluate the method how to examine abstract science-works and how such sciences create reality. A science allegory will be the center of the example, the one which gave birth to Geometry. Geometry is the essential science used to know when humanity desires to create just about anything: including thought. One should not forget the ‘Three Initiates,’ who assigned their communal name to the Kybalion. They have a Masonic background due to expression in the Kybalion which makes us believe that fact. Not only because it was Published in Masonic Temple Chicago, Ill. The Masonic community, The Cistercian Community  uses structures and building methods to convey spirituality.


Geometry is the art of learning how real things are to be constructed, so it is befitting to start with it. Geometry is not restricted only to the construction of buildings, but also machines which are employed to construct other complicated machines. After all, the diagrams, the schematics to construct items will allow engineers to make use of geometrical patterns, used by designers to communicate with people making the concept. Their thoughts are placed in technical diagrams which use Geometry to explain from designer to worker, how to construct an item.


I will use a set of steps to re-create the foundation of the thinking that every student of Kybalion should use. I will attempt to do this through the system of Geometry.


The birth-concept of Geometry is the simplest common hallucination which is accepted and taken for granted without questioning by those who studied it and use it. It starts with the simplest of realities. All those who study Geometry must accept that the simplest thing that exists is a point. A point we shall call ‘A.’ (Some thought happy people may assume that there is a hidden allusion to the concept of THE ALL, which is part of the ALL and without it there would be nothing to speak about. Interesting thought!! Be simple, yet the implications attached to the variability of that simplicity is unlimited. Is it not?)


A point is the first and the simplest of elements in a sequence of elements when one studies Geometry. My teacher stated – when I was not yet a teenager: A is given as a name to a point, the first point. It has no dimension and in fact this point does not exist in reality except as a concept. (Hmmmm!...) A is a location in space he said. A is a reality created by the statement of the person who seeks to make further explanations. We put this point called A on a page to create a reality from which we can develop the rest of the Art of Geometry – my teacher said as he put a point on the blackboard. (There is a little spec on the left of the letter A below)


The next step my teacher explained what happens when we put many points together in a straight direction. We call it a line - he explained. To make other scientists aware of it, we will call the line AB, like this:


Thus A & B are connected, or better put: become connected only by our imagination because the line in between them is made of non-existent extensions of a solitary, non-existent sequence of points. (You will notice my avatar choice below.) I have selected it because it represents the desire to acknowledge wide ranging interconnectedness, which appears in a visible space.


The following entity my teacher introduced us was the angle. This – he said – is created when two lines are in contact and they touch at a place. The space nearest the place where the two lines meet is called the angle.



After this, Geometry has become speedily and seriously complicated and complex. We discovered that there are many different kinds of angles: acute, obtuse, right, and complementary angles.


The same concept for the advancement of understanding comes before Aristotle, namely Plato who writes in his Seventh Letter.


For everything that exists there are three instruments by which the knowledge of it is necessarily imparted; fourth, there is the knowledge itself, and, as fifth, we must count the thing itself which is known and truly exists. The first is the name, the, second the definition, the third, the image, and the fourth the knowledge. If you wish to learn what I mean, take these in the case of one instance, and so understand them in the case of all. A circle is a thing spoken of, and its name is that very word which we have just uttered. The second thing belonging to it is its definition, made up names and verbal forms. For that which has the name "round," "annular," or, "circle," might be defined as that which has the distance from its circumference to its centre everywhere equal. Third, comes that which is drawn and rubbed out again, or turned on a lathe and broken up-none of which things can happen to the circle itself-to which the other things, mentioned have reference; for it is something of a different order from them. Fourth, comes knowledge, intelligence and right opinion about these things. Under this one head we must group everything which has its existence, not in words nor in bodily shapes, but in souls-from which it is dear that it is something different from the nature of the circle itself and from the three things mentioned before. Of these things intelligence comes closest in kinship and likeness to the fifth, and the others are farther distant.


In my youth I focused on what people said and had difficulty accepting things as they dished it up to me information. I rejoiced where I could ask questions to which there were few answers or none at all.


I asked my teacher, if it was correct that he was teaching us about things which do not exist? Is it correct that we made up non-existent structures called dots to form lines, which by their very definition confirm that they do not exist? Is Geometry a science which is made up of non-existent parts? Is it true that we have created a science called Geometry to perceive and govern the physical world about us in our minds? Did we just create a science, which we employ in just about every endeavor and which is capable of constructing something real from a not existing thought?


He said yes, with a twinkle in his eyes. At the time I thought we were talking about Geometry, when in fact I now understand he was talking about the Kybalion. Not because he was a mathematics teacher, but because he imparted to me a system which is universal. He taught the understanding of the principle which governs our reality or assists us to be attached to both sides of our existence, namely reality and the abstract.


Ever since, I am searching for the invisible lines which are created in the conversations I observe people engage in, to fully understand the motivation people have when they speak around me.


What was said about Geometry is also true about the Kybalion.


The science of Kybalion was established by the common acceptance of seven principles used to create the reality we consider our own. Unfortunately, unlike the drawings of designers which create real objects which we can all see and feel, the designers of the Kybalion are designing things in the invisible world which often look something totally shapeless and unreal, although those creations look and feel good and valuable, but they are just the creations of imagination and that is not consistent with the intent of the Kybalion.


Those who do not consider Kybalion to be of interest, find reality through other means. The Kybalion however has one item which is not part of the science of Geometry and it is indispensable for the existence of the science described by the Kybalion: namely consciousness. Geometry does not need to have the quality of consciousness but Kybalion does. Consciousness in the Art of Geometry resides in the man, the disigner who manages the Geometric rules to create. Geometry is created through consciousness.


The Hermetic Masters long since discovered that while the Principle of Rhythm was invariable, and ever in evidence in mental phenomena, still there were two planes of its manifestation so far as mental phenomena are concerned. They discovered that there were two general planes of Consciousness, the Lower and the Higher, the understanding of which fact enabled them to rise to the higher plane and thus escape the swing of the Rhythmic pendulum which, manifested on the lower plane. In other words, the swing of the pendulum occurred on the Unconscious Plane, and the Consciousness was not affected. (The Kybalion page 163)


The fact that there was a need to distinguish the observation between two levels of consciousness or awareness this discovery has placed the problem in philosophy to the fore, namely: why is there a flower which gives us a rewarding aroma and yet there is another, which we resent. Why is there a difference? If we are only matter, such quality differences should not offend our minds. This, yet again has separated the Kybalion and the science of Geometry. Geometry has no morals: it is like a loaded gun. It is useless until someone takes charge of it and begins to guide the principle residing in it by shooting someone.


The separation did not last long. Yet the disciplines for the Kybalion and Geometry - while are contributing to each other’s existence, and their progress; the quality differs. Kybalion, through its theoretical observation has made the discovery that as we have a need for out physical existence, so we need to have our mental existence and no person may progress without the co-existence of the two.


“The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is like the hoarding of precious metals - a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like Wealth, is intended for Use. The Law of Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces.” The Kybalion.(page 213)


So why do we have a need to rigidly partake in the development of both sides – the physical mundane level and the abstract esoteric level to acquire a development of the mystic science and the real development of the self?


The answer is simple: because without the rigid understanding on the material world we would not be able to progress or develop a sense of progression in the spiritual world. The mind places tools for its understanding to navigate through the cog mire of the development of the body which seizes control to guide its own spirit toward understanding.


I can hear voices rising in disbelief. A massive disagreement washes over my lines saying what a lot of hog wash. Spiritual development in fact requires the abandonment of the mundane and common physical; people say our life duty is to seek the divine only.


I beg to differ.


To make my point, I need to take the reader to another part of Geometry.  It is called non-Euclidian Geometry. The people responsible for the explanation of the new view of geometry were a combination of father-son mathematicians by the family name of Bolyai. They are responsible for the development of now more than revered subjects such as Einstein’s Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Computers and such objects which would have not worked before the discovery of non-Euclidian Geometry. They are also Transylvanians. Their peculiar way of thinking that allowed the discovery of the principle now we call non-Euclidian geometry.


Before the Bolyais have explained non-Euclidian Geometry, there was one dominating character only, who stamped his interpretation on Geometry: Euclid himself.


Euclid maintained that, if he drew two parallel lines and if he would follow them into infinity and measure on the way the distance between them would result in having two parallel lines even in infinity.


The Bolyai team hypothesized that if the analysis of Euclid’s is valid, then, if they take a perpendicular line over the parallel lines and turn the perpendicular line clockwise (red in colour), the angles between them can be reduced to say 45˚.

Turning line


If one is going till the ultimate change from 90˚ to achieve 0 (zero) degree, the angle will reduce to zero and thus the three lines will not be parallel but they become one with each other. Euclidian Geometry does not conform to the concept Euclid had in his mind about the principles or the rules that governed his Art. He only perceived straight lines.


The mathematicians have not altered the reality of Geometry. They used Geometry’s inner laws of self integrity to discover something which we could not discover or know: what happens in fact at infinity?


This is the essence of remote viewing. The completeness of the Kybalion points to the understanding of the distant reality without ever leaving the planet as it were. The understanding of what happens in infinity can be understood by the maintaining the nature and the rules of the observation system (Geometry) from where we are at. If we follow through with our observation we can prove validity in places where we are unable to be, like the nature of THE ALL just like the Bible or the Kor’an, The Veda or any other wisdom literature does with the difference that the Kybalion needs no faith to accomplish the task. The Kybalion uses knowledge.


If there is a different reality hidden inside something thus far observed, now we may discover a different reality which is apart from that of Euclid or the established system, so long as we keep inside the laws of the observation system. The Bolyais have provided the evidence that Euclid failed in understanding what happened if all the laws of Geometry are evidenced, including the progress till infinity.


Euclid took his own reality while testing to see if the lines which he measured were parallel or not, all the way into infinity. He went to infinity and did not use the rules of reality in the present to understand what is taking place in infinity, where by definition we are not able to travel because that way we are no longer looking at infinity, but are in where infinity used to be. This is the same as when Einstein discovered that: if he was traveling in a train which traveled with the speed of light, and he measured the speed of light on that train, there was no difference in the speed of light in comparison. The speed of light was the same as if one stood still and looked at the speed of light.






A student of Kybalion may complain that the concepts used in this meditation are too restrictive and will not allow the freedom needed to understand THE ALL or that THE ALL does not behave like that or that THE ALL cannot be understood by this process.


Good. That view may be correct. Quite correct. But it is also true, that the reality of those two observers is dissimilar. Let me recall what the Kybalion actually is telling us:


“The half-wise, recognizing the comparative unreality of the Universe, imagine that they may defy its Laws such are vain and presumptuous fools, and they are broken against the rocks and torn asunder by the elements by reason of their folly. The truly wise, knowing the nature of the Universe, use Law against laws; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph. Mastery consists not in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher forces against the lower escaping the pains of the lower planes by vibrating on the higher. Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the Master.” The Kybalion. (page 77)


I put forward, that the unrestricted detachment from what one is able to observe, results in something like this,

because it is not like the nature of the observed. This system drives the recognition of how implications work but the imagination which is the one using the rules but cannot be relied on to study reality. The brain work thus ending up looking like that spaghetti-art above and not like mind-work which, when finds the true answer, becomes silent as a result of understanding.


If the student cautiously examines his/her own statements, sometimes the inexperienced student imposes a personal view upon the facts. They claim that the divine is sparkling through them when they look wholesome and shiny. I say that needs to be re-examined. I believe what they really saying, that they have managed to come close to the way of the divine and that makes them resemble the divine. This discrepancy which prompted me to develop my signature: ‘Wave you asked the correct question?’


Again this kind of contradiction results because the student refuses to look at dictators whose appearance also looks wholesome, shiny and divine. This is the reason why sects and mind-derailments take place. That is why many people follow dictators because a lack of understanding what happens in reality and the lack of analysis of the eternal by asking: ‘Quo vadis?’ Wither are you directing your course?



The end result in the two cases is not equal – or better put – the direction of travel of the two principles is not in the same direction while they appear parallel. Both shiny and attractive, but they are fundamentally different. The first case makes the world better because the travel is in the correct direction; while in the second case (of a dictator) is parallel but in the opposite direction.


To understand the implications of my meditation, discover the direction this writing evaluates. Students should follow the logic all the way through and then make a critical evaluation about the principles involved. Letting go the grip of the understanding how things work and embracing unrestricted imagination neuters if not decapitates the progress of the student. One of the greatest puzzles for those who are unskilled in the art of the Kybalion is to recognize, realize or become aware between the knowledge that the brain possesses and the knowledge that mind or the spirit possesses. The only means I know how to separate the brain-knowledge from the mind-knowledge is to palace the individual under a complex a situation as possible. Those with brain-knowledge are unable to cope because they need their interpreter-box to cope with the heightened pressure and soon get tired and confused.


If in us events and perceptions happen according to correct rules, we are maintaining health and improve our understanding. When we abandon our duties to keep a strict separation in understanding what actually is happening to us, we allow intrusion between our separate realities into each other.


With persistent intrusion we discover that we suffer under is the influence of cancer. That’s what neo-plasm is! Neo=new, plasm=the living matter of the cell. It is true that we have a new growth and for a time it appears to be growing and developing, offering the appearance of progress, while in reality such development contains the seed of destruction. This is the reason to maintain at all times our composure which may be described as the compacting the spiritual matter that is surrounding us.


The attainment of understanding: what happens in a distant place - where we are not - as Aristotle put it, we need to embrace simplicity:


“And the most exact of the sciences are those which deal most with first principles; for those which involve fewer principles are more exact than those which involve additional principles, e.g. arithmetic than geometry.”


I have developed a game that teaches the very principle I wrote about in here. It got an Australian Design Award in 1983. The evaluation committee described it as a game that heightens awareness. It is named to explain the existence between angles (meta-gonos), So I named it Metagon, the place where the student of Kybalion should be. Those who are unable to handle many interrelationships at the same time are at a disadvantage in this game, and also those who are aggressive.



The Kybalion requests from its students a persistent and intensive attention level. If you haven’t got it, you would be at a disadvantage inside the world of the Kybalion. Learn to focus through Insight Meditation.


It has two forms. One is the Indian Method and the other is the Burmese Method. In the Indian method, the focus is on the breath taken-depated through the nose, while in the Burmese method, the focus is on the center of the body (just above the belly button) where the abdomen is extending and contracting according to the breathing. This latter version I find to give a more central focusing on the integrity of the body as a whole


This meditation teaches the mind to focus and not to wonder, to sharpen the mind till becomes a proverbial razor, to center the mind and to create a firm and compact spirit-body. It teaches the mind to stop chasing butterflies which are colourful and erratic.



(In the next topic I will try to discover the real meaning of the expression “As it is above so it is below,” and how people who do not pay attention to words have distorted the original meaning of the subject discovered by Thoth.)