Originally the name Hourglasswisdom was adopted to assist those who read abstract books and find the information therein confusing. This blog is used to present ideas, which may assist people who desire to add to their mystic understanding and to find a different way to discover reality and to add to the myriad texts helping too understand how life works.

This site is not for followers. This site attempts to give tools for the readers of this blog. I say attempts because half of the understanding depends on the readers’ ability to ingest the information. If you desire to follow some creed (religious order, group, club) in order to find yourself anchored, this place is not for you. If you consider that what is written here is but the life experiences of one person and you read it like a letter to you from some unknown person, I have achieved my task.

Yet, if you like the system of thinking, the way issues are looked at and analysed and you find that you are assisted in some way, you are welcome. Take that information with you and use it as a tool to further discover things you have not encountered or expand on the already known mysteries. As they say: good things in life are free. Information on these pages are free and only when they are assembled into book form and you desire to have one, you need to pay. I will practice writing and you will spend a bit of time reading something interesting. For further detail about intent in this blog see: mission statement. And some more about Hourglass

With Respect
TiborSun & Moon