Palin under my (astrological) microscope.

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S. Palin – Born 1964 Rabbit / Feb 11 (Rat)Dhanishta

A year ending in 4 is an active wood year in Chinese astrology. To understand what that means “Wood year” is to imagine a plant on steroids. If we look at active water we imagine active water to be like a brook. Active wood year is like a creeper, Morning Glory. In a metal ear it is very subdued because metal cuts wood. On the other had if it is a creeper, then if cut into thousand of bits, each one of those is liable to strike and sprout, allowing the creation of more of it. It is the story of “The Tea Party.”

2012 – is a water year and a date for elections in the USA. In fact it is an active water year. Sarah Palin is heading for her most influential year according to astrology. A person with wood characteristics and active on top. Not only that but she find herself in the most effective milieu in which she is capable to activate harm because she has the support of her astrology. In previous writings here in this blog I referred to Sarah Palin as a grizzly with a sore head. The American newspapers referred to her as a barracuda. The difference between a grizzly and a barracuda is that a barracuda is in a distant place and not among the people and there are no cuddly barracuda dolls but there are cuddly bears and this aids in realizing that Palin’s political ambitions which is to hide a deceptive streak. She is the Woman who is more like a man and repulsive to that. Any attempt to cut her to size, according to her astrology is counter productive. The dilemma is how to show her for what she really is? Perhaps the Indian astrology will throw some light. People born in the period she was born in, namely February the 11 are represented by a male lion. Upon close observation, there are no zodiacs she could be on good terms with. She is just a predator of the highest rank. If she is elected (which is a very likely scenario), she will bring the United States into a even greater disarray that she finds herself now. Sarah Palin is the consummate hunter. She exists on forging ahead only and has no reverse which is a quality of a diplomat and state le4aders. She is no Kennedy, Patch Adams or any of the personalities upon which America can rely or to relied upon. I do not question her intellect although I could make fist of analyzing it.

In counter position in the same year Barac Obama has the following details: Born: 4 August 1961. Yin Year: Receptive Metal Lunar astrological sign Ox.  On the other hand Obama was born Ox and 2012 is a Dragon year. Although him being a passive metal and water year in 2012 and Palin being wood nature, the election in 2012 is on an edge because Dragon Year and Ox do not sit well with each other and Horse is subject to Water nature which Palin is one. Many consider the 2012 Aztec enigma a world wide event, my estimation if one looks back at Cortes who totally destroyed the Aztec empire did not suffer because the local astrology is only for the local area. The Aztec calendar is not universal but local. I consider the Palin possible election as devastating as Cortes. In this 2012 year of the whole world America will suffer most noticeably because the issue is localized in my opinion and it is not generalized.

In my first prediction I considered Obama a one term president and not murdered as many suggested. I also predicted the loss of Palin and McCain. I would not advise John McCain to stand against Obama because he has characteristics which will promote the progress of Obama.

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I told you so before the time has arrived.

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Today 6 April 2010 Mr Malcolm Turnbull announced that he is leaving Australian politics.

The astrologically unstable people, (namely under Rahu and Ketu effect ) are leaving the Liberal Party one at a time. It is not nice to boast at the downfall of an individual because remote-viewing is more art-like than science, although sometimes I wonder. Science dictates the need to provide evidence which can be confirmed by predicting the outcome of an experiment. If there is such a successive falling onto their swords (of the Rahu and Ketu) by people, is there a question here about the Humpty Dumpty effect: “Are they falling or were they pushed?” The jury is out on this aspect of inner machinations of politics. It would be good to have an investigative reporter let loose on this issue. From where I stand is there a right to ask the question: this attrition by self by politicians of self sacrifice or the rule of governance is Mafia like.

I can not help to say: “I have predicted Mr Turnbull will not make a Prime Minister before all the controversy has developed.”

I consider this posting to be a personal ‘setting the record straight.’ Regarding the extension question of  ( incorrectly called ) “conspiracy,” the resignations or the abandonment of Liberal Party Positions are the ones I pointed at one time in the past as the cause of the destabilization of the Australian Liberal Party. All those who have left and are about to leave raised my attention duly to ask if the “Humpty Dumptys” were pushed.

What I actually written (Posted 28 November 2009) is this:

  • “Mr. Turnbull’s future, is certain, he will never become the Prime Minister of this country, just like Mr Abbott has cast his luck to the wind by being able to turn from light to shade, thus committing political euthanasia. His (Mr Turnbull) manoeuvre in 2009 shows his lack of understanding about political refinement and he is acting as a ramrod.”

Just keeping the record straight.
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