Who could be the luckiest in the American election?

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I think the time has come for me to put words to paper (WebSite) with a vision about the American elections. Try to discifer why will be one of the few presented, who is ready to contribute to the further destruction of the American republic.

I say destruction, because no politician can drag the nation back from the brink of the slide towars downfall. You will hear: the different items of the economy picking up and the  numbers on Wall street hitting positive fields. These are only the shimmering of the fish hooked at the end of fate good and proper. It is the death struggle and the glitter is the fish scales on a struggling fish to escape the hook. The morals of the nation were guttered by President Obama, giving the nation’s money to the private fat cats. Many argue for the need of the big end of town to guide the nations standard of living and that gives the right to be supported financially.

What happened in fact is that like in the 1940-s Hollywood promoted films about glitter and spectacle and the people swallowed it hook and sinker in the middle of the war when they  were loosing their life and made then feel happy as pigs in mud. It is a feel-good spectacle and it is true then and it is true now, making the rich richer is a curious phenomena and people accept it unquestioningly and in fact they are contributing to their wellk beingwhen in fact they should object to the treatment. We saw the same phenomena with people who were held by terrorist in the 1960-1970-s in Germany.

Mr. Tesselar, a tulip bulb farmer related this story:  during the second world war in Holland the government asked poor people to collect petrol from bomb damaged cars. Mr Tesselar saw the officials using this petrol for weekend tours in the countryside while the poor thought they were helping the war effort.

I write this so far as a general statement to establish the milieu in which the November 6th 2012 elections will be held. The year 2012 is a Dragon year and both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are born in the year of the Ox and those figures are no joy to these two. Mitt Romney also was born in a fire year and 2012 is a water year making him struggle to put his best foot forward.  1958, his birthday is that of earth and water year (201 2) is helping him more than Obama is helped or Romney is helped by the same year.  Santorum is born in the year of the Dog and that also of no happiness. The advantage is that in a Dog year,  the year of the Dragon the effect is a lot of negative effect on the year, making him dominant. This is the first sign for me that Rick Santorium is the dark horse in the mix, giving the most unexpected outcome.

The other fact,  taking the Indian astrology as an aid, the time for November 6 is Swati. The relationship between the candidates and this date in November is the most auspicious for Rick Santorum. Barack Obama is definitely badly placed for this date. Perhaps Mitt Romney comes close second to Rick Santorum. It will appear that Obama can do no good at the time.

I could go into details of a technical nature but that would bore the reader. So I cut to the chase. My first preference from a combined astrol0ogical point of view is Rick Santurum to be ushered into the White house.  I predicted a one term presidency for Barack Obama in 2008 October, before the elections. I suspect this will be a shock for the man who thought could talk himself into the Big House for the second time.

There is one more thing. This may appear as an escape clause. It is not. From my experience if the result is not how I have predicted it would indicate some serious interference. Political interference is not out of the question and I make note to that effect. Repeating the election is a thought I have in mind indicating that the American people did not vote but some other interest has. It is just part of the future downfall I mentioned. No immoral act can be excused with the sentence: ” It is for the benefit of the people.” while  stealing democracy from under people’s nose.

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Palin under my (astrological) microscope.

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S. Palin – Born 1964 Rabbit / Feb 11 (Rat)Dhanishta

A year ending in 4 is an active wood year in Chinese astrology. To understand what that means “Wood year” is to imagine a plant on steroids. If we look at active water we imagine active water to be like a brook. Active wood year is like a creeper, Morning Glory. In a metal ear it is very subdued because metal cuts wood. On the other had if it is a creeper, then if cut into thousand of bits, each one of those is liable to strike and sprout, allowing the creation of more of it. It is the story of “The Tea Party.”

2012 – is a water year and a date for elections in the USA. In fact it is an active water year. Sarah Palin is heading for her most influential year according to astrology. A person with wood characteristics and active on top. Not only that but she find herself in the most effective milieu in which she is capable to activate harm because she has the support of her astrology. In previous writings here in this blog I referred to Sarah Palin as a grizzly with a sore head. The American newspapers referred to her as a barracuda. The difference between a grizzly and a barracuda is that a barracuda is in a distant place and not among the people and there are no cuddly barracuda dolls but there are cuddly bears and this aids in realizing that Palin’s political ambitions which is to hide a deceptive streak. She is the Woman who is more like a man and repulsive to that. Any attempt to cut her to size, according to her astrology is counter productive. The dilemma is how to show her for what she really is? Perhaps the Indian astrology will throw some light. People born in the period she was born in, namely February the 11 are represented by a male lion. Upon close observation, there are no zodiacs she could be on good terms with. She is just a predator of the highest rank. If she is elected (which is a very likely scenario), she will bring the United States into a even greater disarray that she finds herself now. Sarah Palin is the consummate hunter. She exists on forging ahead only and has no reverse which is a quality of a diplomat and state le4aders. She is no Kennedy, Patch Adams or any of the personalities upon which America can rely or to relied upon. I do not question her intellect although I could make fist of analyzing it.

In counter position in the same year Barac Obama has the following details: Born: 4 August 1961. Yin Year: Receptive Metal Lunar astrological sign Ox.  On the other hand Obama was born Ox and 2012 is a Dragon year. Although him being a passive metal and water year in 2012 and Palin being wood nature, the election in 2012 is on an edge because Dragon Year and Ox do not sit well with each other and Horse is subject to Water nature which Palin is one. Many consider the 2012 Aztec enigma a world wide event, my estimation if one looks back at Cortes who totally destroyed the Aztec empire did not suffer because the local astrology is only for the local area. The Aztec calendar is not universal but local. I consider the Palin possible election as devastating as Cortes. In this 2012 year of the whole world America will suffer most noticeably because the issue is localized in my opinion and it is not generalized.

In my first prediction I considered Obama a one term president and not murdered as many suggested. I also predicted the loss of Palin and McCain. I would not advise John McCain to stand against Obama because he has characteristics which will promote the progress of Obama.

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I am a proud Citizen of the World…..

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Let me MAKE A PREDICTION. As the world opinion has reduced the United States of America to the most hated nation as a result of the Middle East wars, now America upgraded herself to be the untrustworthy whore of the world and not the defender of the world (through her actions related to WikiLeaks). The modern American state is identical to the Chinese totalitarian regime of today. America is no longer the land of the free in the international eyes or the eyes of a private person. America can not exist without a war and now that she lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, she is turning onto herself and her citizens and the citizens of the world. The final development of the political cancer has started. My son is an American citizen. I refused to talk to him. He defends the American criminal mind. America will not recover from this disgusting KKK (Ku Klux Klan) attitude. Assassinate the man who done no more than any magazine which is prepared to publish disclosures? Is this a solution America? Next… America… like the Gestapo and the KGB will assassinate people like me with a contrary opinion? Shame America, shame.

Please follow the URL below and consider filling in the details to lodge your objection. Please note there are different -tabs- you can look at: Defend WikiLeaks or Information or Action and Forward.

Also use the following URLs to get to mirror sites:


Before you decide to abandon your opinion, please remember: “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)”

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Oh Nnnno… another election; Victoria?… Victory?

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Most times I give a detailed result using the “combating astrological” aspects hovering over the heads of political characters and through this interaction key: thereby, they make changes to the fortunes of people who come under their wings (or claws as the case may be).

In Victoria Australia, the two leader who seek success through the voting of people and the choices they (the people) make are Mr John Brumby (born 21 April 1953- Ashwini- Tiger lunar) and Mr Baillieu (born 31 July 1953 Pushya- Horse lunar). If they would not sit opposite in Parliament, they could be best of mates. This aspect is what the Liberal Party’s advertisers failed to understand. This is the reason people subconsciously are affected and will carry to voting-cubicles their feelings.

Clearly both born in the same year, in many respects have the same disadvantage of being curtailed by their contradictory aspects, but being analysed at a lunar level is where they are so different and also resembling each other because both come under a “male nature” auspices. Both have disadvantages dished up by life, but these disadvantages are identical and only their “personal level” nature which they put forward is totally different.

As in the Federal Election, I believe there will be a shift in the seats won or lost, but in the ultimate result, Mr Brumby is far more advantaged in this lunar cycle than Mr Baillieu.

In terms of Combined Astrological Analysis, my feeling is that Mr Brumby ought to be congratulated for winning the 2010 election cycle.

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I just about said enough about Mr. Abbott.

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All I care to say about Mr. Abbott has been said.

The only addition to the Australia Liberal Party is Mr Robb. He too is a member of the Rahu – Ketu combination, which is explained in previous articles and there is no need to repeat it. Just look at the previous pages below for details.

Regarding the Indian astrology evaluation for this period of 16 August – 30 August as it is related to Mr. Abbott is: 30% general and 0% spiritual. August 21 is in the middle of this period. Mr. Abbott has a snow flake’s hope in hell.

Interpretation: Mr. Abbot could not win the 2010 election if he runs rings around himself, except that he does. It is not the ring of confidence. He will make mistakes and will show for what he is. In other words he will run rings around himself, the rings of defeat. I would not be surprised that while there will be changes in different seats, he will drop his majority in either the House of Representatives or in the Senate.

The further projections beyond 2010. Because the number of Rahu – Ketu driven people in the party, there will be an implosion after the elections and the Australian Liberal Party will be relegated to near history… unless changes (removal) of these individuals is taken up. While these individuals are in a driving position there will be a Nelson, Turnbull, Abbott,  event happening ad infinitum. By the way all three of them are belonging to the Rahu – Ketu astrological aspect. In fact I believe Mr. Abbot will not survive beyond 2012. During this year and 2013, he will be facing confrontation among the members of the party and this will finally seal his future in the party. As for the nearest best, Mr. Hockey, if you read back my commentary at the time Mr. Abbot challenged Mr. Turnbull, I have stated as an advice to Mr. Hockey: If I were Mr. Hockey I would not do it (challenge). He did and as a result he is not a credible individual as a political leader material. He is only repeating a mantra without any deviation. He tossed away the possibility to make a mark on people’s mind during this election process, where he could have separated himself from the rest and show himself as a possible contender for the next election. This kind of political wisdom practised by Mr. Hockey is called missing the boat. Sliding down the hill as a result of such miscalculations he promotes himself to be a contender for the dilemma of Sisyphus.

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