Have I understood this correctly…..?

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As it happens, when I listen to a Real Estate Agent or an Encyclopedia sales person – by the time they have finished their learned and well prepared presentation and I am asked – “Would you like our very affordable leather bound edition in a colour that would be pleasing to your wife?” the yes word is automatically placed at the end of my tongue by some very clever psychologist who trained the sales person, and I am a millisecond away from ruining my life. This is the same kind of feeling when I recall my uncle’s words educating me in the ways of western economics. He was a business consultant interested in convincing state governments to place fruit-juice factories in Mildura, Australia where the nearby states were splitting at the seams with orange orchards and they had problems deciding what to do because they were politicians. Whenever he was pressed for an answer like: “We must have your reply – just about now,” his inimitable answer was: ” I am afraid I have to talk over this proposal with my mother in law.”

Now, this as you may imagine, has stopped the apple rolling off the table and into which he was asked to take a bite. You know what happened to Snow White? She was lucky – unlike Adam who suffers ever since.

So when I heard today, that the governments of the world have understood the real struggle people have because of the American Bedlam, they volunteered to help the nations of the world by creating a sense of certainty with the creation of a feeling of security. This happened as a result of under-pinning the banks and guaranteeing that the deposits of people on the streets are safe.  As a result of the disquiet, they also decided to make even more certain that my money is in a bank by the fact that they bought into these huge money chewing machines.

I discovered that I had one of those “apple-moments” and although nobody asked me, I have decided it is time to talk to my ‘mother-in-law’ about the state of affairs. In reality, my mother-in-law is dead a long time ago, but the concept is still alive. I had to rely on my own ‘mother-in-law’ I have created in my mind. I have to tell you that, that thing in my head when comes to giving away money to people shrieks like a stuck pig.

Have I understood this correctly: the banks wrote off a heap of money and transfered the poisonous debt to the state while saving the money into their private accounts? These people who played Monopoly with the money kept their ill-gotten gains because the government of the United States’s Government paid the losses they created. The bright and economy-sevvy Mr George W. Bush and my government (in Australia and quasi, by default in America also) pay for those debts and purchasing bank-interests (as in Great Britain) by socialising the banks with the money we have.

So now the same gamblers who lost all the money are given another lot of chips to have some more lucky cards dealt, with which they are able to spend our own savings – the little we had left – they are free to  play with again? We bought the banks or part thereof to have our security guaranteed?

Damn. I now understand why I was never good at finance!!!

But one thing I know. I am not giving any more to these people to play with. I am going to have my money and pay my security which the government asked. Except that I hold the money in my hot little hands.

The reason? Well, in America there was an inflation of housing. Many did not call it that. They have called it a bouyant market. Then there was an economic downturn the kind we did not have before. We had an inflation of money loss. The inflation of recovery had risen to the past safety limit and I can go to sleep now because I am secure?

I am afraid I like the theory of the bouncing-dead-cat inflation. Which is the inflation of extra play with things that will never get up. If the economy is in need in support, why should I not help by economising? Maybe not in a bank.

Those who forever speak about the inevitability of the market rising I would like to give them some advice. But first a comment to these wise people: “You are crazy!”

In the past there was unlimited oil. Now we are having nearly none. Our air is poisonous and we must spend money to clean up the polution which we will keep doing because that is what economy must do, but at the same time spend money on cleaning up. So not only do we need to pay people, we now need to pay for the mess and we have no petrol to make things work.

I think there are some serious poisonous people around in charge. John McCain and Sarah Palin are telling me that they MUST win. The oil states are splitting with their money in their pocket and the bankrupt state of the United States of America is guaranteeing the bank losses?

I know. I am a very bad dispenser of bad news which seems to unsettle the fermented minds of people who are afraid of losing their money and stability is lost. But how do I get the mother-in-law out of my head before I need to give an answer to the question if I am going to bite the poisonous apple?
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