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Edward R. Murrow I am not.  Even if Paul Revere (according to history) failed to ride in the night to warn about the British, I would like to take his place and shout as I ride across the American Nation: Wall Street is coming, Wall Street is coming.

I have a fascination for the power of proverbs. These small gems are “word-barricades,” used against adversaries like advertisers, real-estate agents and politicians. By using proverb-defence, the ship of one’s life, floating dangerously in choppy waters will not sink because wisdom-sayings remind us of self preservation practices. The same is applicable during financial wars. One learns routine in a defence system. One practices, and practices systematic habits ’til becomes second nature, so when the time comes for defence everybody acts automatically and without panic.

This is what is supposed to happen when you know what you are doing.

Mr Greenspan, you failed to introduce into your world a small proviso called caution. Below, in terms of astrology, I will explain why I perceive that you have acted according to your nature and not according to wisdom, thereby making you guilty of acting against the welfare of the country and should be punishable by law. My contribution to your ideology is the suggestion that you have ignored the most creative economic book written by  Schumacher called: “Small is Beautiful.”. America would be holding the gold and the rest of the world also would be peaceful and wouldn’t look like a house made of cards if you had read this classic. American readers should look at that book for self preservation.

So back to the title. Remember the proverb – “Call a spade a spade not a shovel?” Recent news about the testimony of Mr Greenspan reminded me of this proverb because that is the practice he is in. The process of disclosing to us what he has discovered about himself in recent months amounts to the meaning in the proverb. He says he is building spades (the active and sturdy character of a nation by manipulating interest rates) when in fact selling shovels (forgetting the nature of the money he is shaping through interest rates). The original proverb has a hidden meaning about honesty that you promote what you are claiming. My use of this proverb refers to the character and nature of his understanding about the meaning of his error. The character of money suddenly lost, its real nature through the manipulation of banks among each other became corrupted, so in fact made Mr Greenspan’s “adjusting the leavers” not-possible and his persistence that he was correct became a farce. His expert eye failed to see values called sub-prime. The very words trigger an alarm.

The present reality in a real world is counting down toward the “inflation of global warming.” Then the shortage and the lack of availability of gas will “exponentially inflate.” Large businesses will fall because the ground upon they are set is uncertain and will produce economic tsunamis when falter, like they have done now!!! That is also the future event on the world stage because one person’s greedy acquisition is someone else’s disaster. Failed ideologies have the only “infinite growth.”

As an analyst I ask myself if this is not another manufactured crisis to take our eyes off the Middle East as 9/11 took our eye off the Lebanon crisis? If it is I can add another inflation to the list: “the inflation of failure.”

Mr Greenspan, your predecessors in the management of America’s economy through Wall Street destroyed American family life in the last century. They had the courage to jump from the windows because of their ruined honour and the suffering they caused to millions of people. You on the other hand have the audacity to tell to the American people through your testimony that “ideology hampered good governance!!!” This is the testimony and the core of the illness that the American nation has. That is the testimony and the core of Zimbabwe and Mugabe, who has an ideology and has the governance that you had.

So what is the way one may reconstruct or reverse-engineer through astrological aspects why such character as Mr Greenspan should have been disregarded as an academic advisor on the ground of astrology. Also why we are adding to the future problems.

Mr Greenspan was born according to the records on March 6, 1926. The years ending in 6 are active fire years, such as 1926, 1936, …etc. People born during active fire years will not negotiate. They just burn through things like a welder’s torch. When that happens, all the materials will be fused together.

To give you a comparison, another character born in a 6 year is George W. Bush. He was born 1946. The similarity goes a bit further. Mr Greenspan’s sign is Tiger, while President Bush was born under the sign of Dog. Both are aggressive animal characters if born under the influence of fire and their aggression comes to the fore. Both attack and above all they are extremely compatible, so these two individuals placed together in a national scene create harmony between themselves and I wonder how much their combination has contributed to the present disharmony.

From a Vedic astrology point of view, Mr Greenspan is represented by the sign of a male Lion – Purve Bhadra. Again to make a comparison, Sarah Palin’s Vedic astrology places her in a female Lion zodiac – Dhanishta. In hindsight we may say, neither has sense for finances only hunting. Palin is able to spend on clothes (big time) and Mr Greenspan also spent big time because he also has a blind spot for cautious living.

The moon cycle under which Mr Greenspan was born is represented by Ox. This places him to be described as an iron fist in a velvet glove forging his will through all obstacles. This nature may be fitting a bulldozer, not a financier whose task is to have a near clairvoyant quality.

These articles I write so people will have a good understanding about the nature of the service we offer by analysing energy lines between people on the long run and therefore contributing to the understanding of how people related to each other. It is valuable for occasions where people desire to embark on projects and if nothing else will provide a lateral view, another way by which one can evaluate situations. For example, after looking at this analysis, do you think it is a good idea to attend the forum President Bush has called? I think not.

Finally the last birthday before America is choosing a president. Senator John McCain was born 29 August 1936. Can anyone see a pattern in here and why the ultimate push downhill for the American nation would be the election of Senator McCain as President?

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