Oh Nnnno… another election; Victoria?… Victory?

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Most times I give a detailed result using the “combating astrological” aspects hovering over the heads of political characters and through this interaction key: thereby, they make changes to the fortunes of people who come under their wings (or claws as the case may be).

In Victoria Australia, the two leader who seek success through the voting of people and the choices they (the people) make are Mr John Brumby (born 21 April 1953- Ashwini- Tiger lunar) and Mr Baillieu (born 31 July 1953 Pushya- Horse lunar). If they would not sit opposite in Parliament, they could be best of mates. This aspect is what the Liberal Party’s advertisers failed to understand. This is the reason people subconsciously are affected and will carry to voting-cubicles their feelings.

Clearly both born in the same year, in many respects have the same disadvantage of being curtailed by their contradictory aspects, but being analysed at a lunar level is where they are so different and also resembling each other because both come under a “male nature” auspices. Both have disadvantages dished up by life, but these disadvantages are identical and only their “personal level” nature which they put forward is totally different.

As in the Federal Election, I believe there will be a shift in the seats won or lost, but in the ultimate result, Mr Brumby is far more advantaged in this lunar cycle than Mr Baillieu.

In terms of Combined Astrological Analysis, my feeling is that Mr Brumby ought to be congratulated for winning the 2010 election cycle.

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