Second Focus on Mr Abbott – Leader of the Australian Liberal Party

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The statement below follows previous articles about the Australian Liberal Party initially posted on 24 February 2009 under this blog. Again, the disclaimer is that: “The intent is not to create personality or character assassination but to use ‘so called unscientific’ science, namely a combination of astrology and metaphysical principles to evaluate political leaderships – to evaluate (not well practised these days), to understand and fathom people who we ought to understand because they will lead the country one day. (Maybe!!) If this is a complicated description, just think of it as a cartoonist-view with words, where the shades are attained by chosen expressions and the figurines are – like in the case of the king – naked to the peasant eye.

The historical dilemma of the anointment of kings, leaders, prophets and other such leading lights take me back to Charlemagne or more precisely to the separation of Christianity from Paganism by the first anointment by religion and not “God.”. Why focus on Mr Abbot? Because he is the next possible leader. Mr Rudd has already the tick because he IS the chosen.

It is important to use this long-range view because Mr Abbott is a Catholic by his own admission and perhaps his mind will work within the concept (parameter perhaps) of his religion and that takes deeper digging at a slower speed one would normally attempt when judging a leader who will take us into the future. If he has the ability to suggest virginity as a standard of living, see how his religious history fares through evaluation in general and not by personal judgement.

The pagan idea of anointment is much what the modern world is observing in the success  (or lack of it) against the power of Al-Qaeda. Every deep searching report by reporters who contacted the warlords from Iraq personally in the early days and a few years after the latest invasion reported that: there is a council of war-lords who finance the resistance-war (in the past known as partisan fighters) against the western culture by selecting volunteers who prove that they have some personal ability which makes the enemy “blind” to their strategies. These individuals can inflict considerable damage on the enemy without fail and over a long and persistent period. The very existence of Bin Laden proves the theory I am presenting.

The idea is that leaders are selected because of “God” (deities) who bestowed on such individuals an innate quality and power which makes them rulers over their and their countrymen’s enemies. The people of the land of such leaders have chosen their leaders by observing the “will of God.” This is a path that Pagans used many thousands of years ago. Islam follows similar observance as a result of the prophet Muhammad proposing the same laws of  “God” to Muslims by saying “Insha’allah. The will of God.”

This major national-concept in pagan-land has changed I believe from the time of Charlemagne, who has turned the table on “God’s” own power. He placed it in the hands of the clergy. The right to anoint was transferred from “God” into the hands of popes, religious figures and (later) politicians. In simple terms, the natural observed talent given by life to an individual is now transferred to people who wield power and not wisdom among the blind. In this case of the Australian Political scene – as it stands now – this power in the Australian Liberal Party is bestowed upon those who fall under the influence of the Indian astrological aspect of Rahu and Ketu. In other words the “Gods” who gave natural talent to leaders is set aside and it is substituted by a meagre and temporal judgement under the wisdom of Ketu and Rahu and or ‘if we persist long and hard the sheep will follow’ our astrological guidance.

There are two characters who I have in mind when looking back in history’s pages. They are Mr Kennett of the Victorian Premier fame and Mr John Howard of the same fame on the federal sphere where both were disliked for some considerable time by the electorate before they were anointed by the manipulation of their respective parties who managed to persist – till the body of constituents under sufferance woke up – and threw these leaders into the dustbin of history; dishonourably discharged by votes. The people have remembered their inner feelings of dislike at the election and resulted in the loss of these politicians’ seats respectively with an intense backlash against the whole of the party through the loss of government.

As listed in previous articles (to return to the national political arena) it was recorded that the major characters involved in the displacement of Dr. Nelson and Mr Turnbull were members of the Vedic group of Rahu and Ketu (see the list in previous articles). In more explanatory way, all the leaders responsible for deposing their National Leaders in Opposition belonged to this group of Vedic astrology (the same astrological group in which they themselves belong. The general aspect of this Vedic astrological group is under the influence of darkness and light. They are mercurial, unpredictable and most often not the best nature for being the champions of public good.

But take the second focus on Mr Abbott.

“Mr Tony Abbott’s details are: born 1957 ( a Fire year ) under the zodiac of Rooster with metal characteristics – his lunar details: 4 November is under the aspect of Rooster with metal characteristics also and finally in Vedic Astrology he is related to Swati ( bull buffalo ) – Rahu. The easiest comment first which is a relationship between a Rahu ( Abbott ) and a Ketu ( Turnbull ). The simple fact is that their compatibility is defined on this level ( general ) as 30% and Spiritual compatibility 0%. Rahu affects the present. It would not take a Nobel Prize scientist to suggest that Mr. Abbott, affected by the presence of Rahu is badly miscalculating by placing his name for election as leader of the Liberal Party.”

The astrological evaluation goes this way: Mr Abbot’s birth-year is governed by fire.


As you will notice, the black arrow directed toward the fire aspect of years six and seven gives away power to fire because in the power struggle of fire and metal, fire melts metal. These are the years 0 and 1 (positioned 12 o’clock and 1 o’clock). The rise of Mr Abboott as leader of the opposition was facilitated by the arrival (or just to arrive) year of metal and his luck unexpectedly changed against Mr Hockey, whom I advised before the leadership spill that if I were him, I would not contest the leadership. I was right. So if I look back upon my introduction and looking at the leadership issue in the Australian Liberal Party, I would say Mr Abbot would not make the grade if pagans and Al-Qaeda was running the place because it is not his qualities which seem to favour his progress by the change in astrological qualities which are more temporal, more unstable than “God” given character. The Liberal Party in Australia has a long history of destroying natural leaders.

As I said before, His lunar Chinese astrology is under the influence of metal. This lunar aspect relates to people’s relationship with other people, so his metal nature has had support for the oncoming two metal years of 2010 and 2011. His rise is because his astrology temporarily has given a leg-up.

My question as a commentator of my own thoughts for others to contemplate is this: “Would I like to be run as an Australian citizen who cares what is actually happening in my country considering the financial talent of Senator Barnaby Joyce, selected by the leader of the opposition and defended by the leader of the opposition who are under the influence of the Vedic Ketu and Rahu?” You have the liberty to decide.

But what about the future?

In 2012 and 2013, the astrology will turn. These are water power years. What will happen to Mr Abbott? The antagonising energy of fire is water. Mr Abbott, what he considers success will turn into anti-success. His fire will be put out or severely curtailed. What of his lunar aspect? Well, metal is represented by years ending in 0 and 1 and water is represented by years 2 and 3. His personal relationships therefore (because he is metal which assists  the oncoming of water years will produce even more water and I am afraid the way I read it is that Mr Abbott will self destruct when the water years will come.

No problem.

The Australian Liberal Party again as in the introductory part will not favour a “God” given power leader. The ‘power-guard’ will anoint in the future another leader who’s failure will be guaranteed and ungracefully will be removed as the ones I listed losing their seats. Unfortunately there is no long term benefit in predictions because people no longer favour remote-viewer strategies, so we keep reliving history.

Human nature has picked up some seriously unsavoury practices during the last few decades and these bad judgements seem to dominate the world. I do not believe we are fighting religious wars because if one is able to dig long and deep into the ‘nature’ of things as I have by revisiting the nature of decisions humanity made in the practice of choosing leaders by lack of intent through lack of vision, we are submerging our life into the abyss of inhumanity. No personal freedom worth following with this self-destructive belief that we have the right to do as we please. Choosing to see if personal freedom is worth more than public well-being. Remember Mr Spock of Star Trek? Finding the reason for living the contribution for the common values and not the individual glorification may hold a good answer.

We then would be able to answer questions such as why the USA people refuse a health benefit legislation by raising religious fervour against their leader or why is it acceptable to resolve a Bush doctrine STILL with gun in hand and marching with dirty boots in another’s country and running their life and contributing to their death-toll more than their dictators achieved?

For my liking, it would be better for Mr Abbott to abandon the way he opposes what he supported before or supporting now what he opposed before. It may be better for him to provide leadership and not contrary-ism. But then, he seems to be only a puppet of nature and not the choice of “Gods.”

Before concluding let me just clarify that this is not some Lafayette Ronald Hubbardian adventure into religion. I used the word “God” and “God” directed events because this identifier fits best the meaning and intent of natural energy or fate or destiny or just plain observation that fits the observed world and it is not explained satisfactorily by any scientific criteria I know about.

To deny such observation of the natural world would be an act of affiliation with the Inquisition.

God forbid!

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