The Gods Must be Crazy – The Australian Liberal Party – part II

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This particular posting is the extension to the topic of the Australian Liberal Party – as if one looks through the “looking glass” of astrology. Curious word – looking glass – defined as: a (glass) mirror.

Looking through a mirror, it conveys the idea that someone is looking at the event which happens in front of the mirror (on the other side of the invisible viewer).

This results – in case of an individual or individuals – in observing the face they may not prefer to show in public at large. My look through the mirror of the Australian Liberal Party is the kind that would not be put before the public because the level or standard I use is not accepted by modern science or social norms. It is disclosing the nature of the person as opposed to describing the facts only about the person. Yet my previous writings do manage to come close to the actual events. This coincidence can be favourably compared to the science of my observations or scientific observations in general.

The reason for this edition is the incorporation of Senator Barnaby Joyce into the front bench of the present Australian Liberal Party. The good Senator (according to the Internet information (Wikipedia) celebrates his birthday on the 17th of April, 1967. For details of elemental aspect and definitions of the same, please read and compare the previous article.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly the year ending in 7 is a fire year and the nature of people born under such times are direct and cut through objects or people before them, like a blue blooded politician. It is the most masculine of powers among the elements. 1967 is an year of the Goat and Goats but people, things, each other with their horns. The element ascribed to Goat is earth.Earth is created by fire so the fire year is supporting his birth sign. One may conclude that he has a natural support for his nature as a person and that too is clearly observable from his biography.

Again this focuses an already centred fire fuelled success-allowed individual. This far the descriptors are very apt to the Senator and his previous performance both in the Parliament and in public. But the hidden creature is the reason I have taken the time to say something about Senator Joyce.

His 17th of April time falls under the aspect of Rabbit or Cat under the Chinese astrology. These creatures if they do not like some one, they will have a hard time tolerating them. Just consider that Prime Minister Howard was born 1939 – the year of the Rabbit.

But the real hidden mystery is that the 17th of April also falls under the aspect of {Ketu}.

The nature of {Ketu} of Senator Joyce is joining the already overpowering representation of personal natures which border on light and darkness. For details please read previous article about the Australian Liberal Party and watch how unpredictable events are appearing from the wisdom of the Australian Liberal Party with the threat that if one will vote such conglomeration of astrologically represented characters, one will for ever be threatened with instability.

If one forgets from week to week about the unpredictability of such nature, one will be cursed to live their unpredictability. Unbridled Senator Joyce is a deep embarrassment to the Australian Liberal Party by airing his economic credentials. Mr Abbott airing his view on the states of Heath and Hospitals considering his attitude during his time as Minister of Heath. Maybe there is nothing wrong with that. However to call out the television stations while having a near accident on the Victorian country roads are tricks one would expect from one born under Ketu or Rahu

But as a reminder from previous article the people under similar aspects are:

  • Mr. Turnbull – Ketu – Liberal Member of the House of Representative
  • Mr. Minchen – Ketu – Leader of the Liberals in the Senate
  • Mr. Abbott – Rahu – Liberal Member of the House of Representatives
  • Dr. Nelson – Ketu – resigned ex- Leader of the Liberal opposition
  • Mrs. Mirabella – Rahu – Liberal Member of the House of Representatives

Ah, and to find out about the other aspect, the counter part of Ketu is available by clicking on the link = Rahu

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