Would the real Mr Obama please stand up.

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The nature of Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology is dynamic. In both disciplines one should search for  how narratives reveal an individual’s behaviour and not what is happening with or to the individual. Don’t focus on the what happens to someone, but on the how does it happen, not unlike in the subject of the I Ching (or the Book of Changes). The story-telling in these systems is not about the angles, planets or conjunctions. The focus should be on the living natures of the observations. For best results in interpreting readings (if something appears confusing), just check the thinking processes and redirect your thinking to act in a narrative… in a “living way.” To enhance understanding think like a tracker. Discover events through invisible footprints by using a ‘second attention,’ an awareness through behaviour. This style of observing is not that of a clairvoyant (subliminal visions) but the style of a natural observer of nature. In my experience not one astrology is sufficient. That is why I am using  more than one astrology; Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology.

I have predicted the rise and fall in popularity of Sarah Palin on the 17th of September 2008 and unlike the American Press I did not call her a barracuda. Also, I have described the fall of Senator McCains’s popularity in the final days before the elections. I have explained that Mr Greenspan, President George W Bush and Mr McCain were born in a fire year (as described by the Chinese Astrology) which brings with them a rather destructive force. They all were born in a year ending with number 6 indicating that it is an active fire-year.

Fire is the most powerful element, which respects nothing or very little. The individual who does not fit the picture is Ex-president Clinton who shares the fire year character with the men listed above being born in 1946. Those inside America who suffered the Lewinsky affair would understand the fire element in Clinton especially if you look at Lewinsky’s birth year of 1973 which was a passive water-year and it quenched Clinton’s fire-energy.

Before either candidate is elected in an active 2008‘s earth year. I would like to make an indirect observation about Barack Obama, so America will have a hunch who they are voting for. I start with Obama because there are few people who may be influenced by my lines and migrate to the McCain camp.

The data available on Mr Barack Obama is the biography detailed on the NET: Born 1961 August 4.

The 2008 forecast in the Presidential elections:

Barack Obama has strategic skills, his language differs markedly form the language Senator McCain is promoting. He overcame Hilary Clinton’s challenge during the primaries 2008, then combated the tornado of Sarah Palin and finally earned the respect of many “white American” folk. The McCain camp had no vision and regressed to personal attacks. I do not understand what more people want from Obama! I suppose there are some who need convincing in depth, so that is the reason for the astrological evaluation here. I feel even the stock market down-turn has arrived to assist this candidate…. as if God himself has selected him to do a job and paves the way for him from his childhood till now and even created a credit crisis on Wall street to enhance Obama’s chances.

1961 is a passive metal year. What does this mean in general? The active metal nature (1960) would be represented by a sword, and the passive nature is represented by a kettle. Therefore people in passive metal year are not so much warriors as they are caterers to the world of people. People born under the sign of Silver Ox have righteousness, uprightness, determination in their character and can exhibit intense focusing on what is at the centre of their attention. Once Silver Ox dedicates him/herself to an issue, woe to those who get in the way. But this Ox born candidate also has a feminine nature. Not afraid to make certain that the truth is out and obviously presented. Financially not a bright spark in economic manipulation but Ox knows how to rope people, to get through the thickest problems. The year 2008 is most favoured for this Ox because 2008 is an earth year and earth brings forth metal, which is Barack Obama’s birth-year. The year of the Ox has earth as its own element so there is no conflict there.

August 4 falls under the moon of Horse. This places Obama in conflict with himself because Ox and Horse are not the best of friends, and also because the fire element of Horse is negating the energy of his birth year of metal 1961. So Obama behaves differently in public and in private. The energy of fire is creating earth and because of this, the earth sign of Ox is indirectly benefiting from horses unsettled nature and makes Ox a touch freer. Also the year energy is much greater than the moon influence.

In Vedic astrology August 4 is falling under the auspices of Ashlesha, represented by a male cat. The qualities of such astrological sign is a deep spiritual mind and spirit which gives an intense inner strength despite the outer lavish behaviour and above all the natives under this sign are appearing restless. This restlessness is nothing more then a very devoted search for answers. For those more versed in Vedic astrology, Obama’s guna triplicity is rajas on the physical level and Sattva on both mental and spiritual level. For the uninitiated, Rajas is a travel between real and abstract. Sattva is considered an attribute related to purity. The ultimate analysis would be to recommend people look beyond the restless need for discovery in Obama because one can trust that his intent is to get to the best answer.

The danger in Obama’s Presidency many consider the possibility of assassination. I do not believe that will happen, but I feel he will be unable to win a second term and that places him to exit in 2012. Mind you it may not be because there is a contender better than Obama. It is possible the integrity of the United States of America may not be what it is today. The year 2012 is a active water year which is in conflict with his lunar Horse character of fire and will suffer like Clinton with Lewinsky but not through the same kind of circumstances. Some personal matter will bring him unstuck in the year 2012.

His Presidency will be represented by a firm and solid stronghold on situations and he will be successful bringing the American Nation into respecting it in the word not in the manner the USA was respected during the Cold War where the USSR was considered evil and America was looking good as a result of comparing the two nations. President Barack Obama will bring the nation to be respected on its own merits, which at this stage is hard to imagine.

Finally, I do not believe Obama will be able to dissipate the negative emotions acquired during the Bush years and may not be able to cleanse the name of America during his presidency, but be it known his election will be concluded  in his favour because the whole world is behind his election, and behind the man.

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