I just about said enough about Mr. Abbott.

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All I care to say about Mr. Abbott has been said.

The only addition to the Australia Liberal Party is Mr Robb. He too is a member of the Rahu – Ketu combination, which is explained in previous articles and there is no need to repeat it. Just look at the previous pages below for details.

Regarding the Indian astrology evaluation for this period of 16 August – 30 August as it is related to Mr. Abbott is: 30% general and 0% spiritual. August 21 is in the middle of this period. Mr. Abbott has a snow flake’s hope in hell.

Interpretation: Mr. Abbot could not win the 2010 election if he runs rings around himself, except that he does. It is not the ring of confidence. He will make mistakes and will show for what he is. In other words he will run rings around himself, the rings of defeat. I would not be surprised that while there will be changes in different seats, he will drop his majority in either the House of Representatives or in the Senate.

The further projections beyond 2010. Because the number of Rahu – Ketu driven people in the party, there will be an implosion after the elections and the Australian Liberal Party will be relegated to near history… unless changes (removal) of these individuals is taken up. While these individuals are in a driving position there will be a Nelson, Turnbull, Abbott,  event happening ad infinitum. By the way all three of them are belonging to the Rahu – Ketu astrological aspect. In fact I believe Mr. Abbot will not survive beyond 2012. During this year and 2013, he will be facing confrontation among the members of the party and this will finally seal his future in the party. As for the nearest best, Mr. Hockey, if you read back my commentary at the time Mr. Abbot challenged Mr. Turnbull, I have stated as an advice to Mr. Hockey: If I were Mr. Hockey I would not do it (challenge). He did and as a result he is not a credible individual as a political leader material. He is only repeating a mantra without any deviation. He tossed away the possibility to make a mark on people’s mind during this election process, where he could have separated himself from the rest and show himself as a possible contender for the next election. This kind of political wisdom practised by Mr. Hockey is called missing the boat. Sliding down the hill as a result of such miscalculations he promotes himself to be a contender for the dilemma of Sisyphus.

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