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Today 6 April 2010 Mr Malcolm Turnbull announced that he is leaving Australian politics.

The astrologically unstable people, (namely under Rahu and Ketu effect ) are leaving the Liberal Party one at a time. It is not nice to boast at the downfall of an individual because remote-viewing is more art-like than science, although sometimes I wonder. Science dictates the need to provide evidence which can be confirmed by predicting the outcome of an experiment. If there is such a successive falling onto their swords (of the Rahu and Ketu) by people, is there a question here about the Humpty Dumpty effect: “Are they falling or were they pushed?” The jury is out on this aspect of inner machinations of politics. It would be good to have an investigative reporter let loose on this issue. From where I stand is there a right to ask the question: this attrition by self by politicians of self sacrifice or the rule of governance is Mafia like.

I can not help to say: “I have predicted Mr Turnbull will not make a Prime Minister before all the controversy has developed.”

I consider this posting to be a personal ‘setting the record straight.’ Regarding the extension question of  ( incorrectly called ) “conspiracy,” the resignations or the abandonment of Liberal Party Positions are the ones I pointed at one time in the past as the cause of the destabilization of the Australian Liberal Party. All those who have left and are about to leave raised my attention duly to ask if the “Humpty Dumptys” were pushed.

What I actually written (Posted 28 November 2009) is this:

  • “Mr. Turnbull’s future, is certain, he will never become the Prime Minister of this country, just like Mr Abbott has cast his luck to the wind by being able to turn from light to shade, thus committing political euthanasia. His (Mr Turnbull) manoeuvre in 2009 shows his lack of understanding about political refinement and he is acting as a ramrod.”

Just keeping the record straight.
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