From ancient times: in the Bible, in occult literature and in modern artifacts, the sun and the moon are widely represented. In the Bible these heavenly bodies are listed in Ecclesiastes 12:2, Deu 33:14, just to mention a few.

One needs to realise that the secret meanings are hidden in among the words. Take Deuteronomy for example: [14] “And for the precious fruits brought forth by the sun, and for the precious things put forth by the moon.

In the first instance the sun is associated with the fruit, brought about by the sun and the moon only puts the things forth. When we think of fruit, the connection is the labour of a living thing. In contrast the things are accumulated by living things and they are not the fruit of one’s nature but the accumulation of information. Wisdom is the fruit of oneself, the quality of the individual – while the moon represent the items learned.

In occult terms, the Sun is the source of innate wisdom which we perhaps should define as it is referred to in Corpus Hermeticum Ch1. In this old wisdom-document, Hermes writes about the Shepherd-of-Men. So if one looks closely at the text, it becomes clear that Hermes is speaking about an inner guidance.

This diferenciation is the key of the separation between the acquired and the incorporated. The acquired knowledge is perishable, but the incorporated wisdom is perpetually belongs to the individual. Perishable is information which is stored in the brain of the individual. The innate is accumulated in the mind which is forming the character of the indivudual. We are born with it and allowing ourselves to refine it during lifetimes.
Sun & Moon