Vedic Nakshatra ( Zodiac ).

  Rahu is a marker in Indian ( Vedic ) Astrology. It reflects metaphorically a special relationship between people born under Rahu and other individuals.

Three celestial bodies which are involved:
1. the Sun,
2. the Moon and
3. the Earth.

The meanings attributed to these bodies are well known in mysticism:
The Sun is the allegory for the primal, unencumbered understanding. The Sun is the clear light received by the individual's spirit. This is an inner enlightenment. This is an unencumbered perception ( clairvoyance ).

The Moon represents the learnt understanding. It differs from the pure light of the Sun. The Moon reflects brain–knowing, in contrast with spiritual–understanding ( intuitive ).
The Earth represents the individual's self.

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When the Moon is interposed between the Sun and the Earth, the present is affected ( the self is affected ). The personal learning or the enlightenment is shadowed by learning acquired sthrough study. The benevolent rays of the Sun are obstructed by the Moon and it shadows the Earth ( or the self ). The enlightened centre is obstructed by the interference of the Moon or the unenlightened learning, created by the individual's misguided factual learning. This effect is direct, while in the case of Ketu it is observed indirectly.
Individuals under such zodiac ( nakshatra ) are affected by the past. Rahu-individuals act unpredictably and it is said they are on the boundary of light and darkness. These individuals have a shady nature as they have a shiny nature. They can have negative intents or honourable ones; (sometimes in the same instant). A relationship with a person born under the aspect of Rahu has an unpredictable edge to it for the unaware.

Solar eclipse.

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