Is America courting the Abyss ?

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Even the astrological aspects (and not only the statistical analyses) tell loudly that the 2008 Presidential election in America is close to the wire. Setting aside the idea of being close numerically; a look at the way the future is betrothed to the candidates is better way to assist people with decision making: which way to jump. This meditation is not fortune telling but an evaluation through observed cultural intelligence which rests in every nations’ history. This astrological appraisal is but a look at the energies which will collide in the future according to the law Chinese sages called elemental astrology. So please don’t bother with platitudes about disrespect for women when words like active an passive are used.

I raise the issue of women because for many millenniums, women have failed to show that they are bred for war. Speaking to some present women in America, they freely admit not liking Obama. It is not surprising. The loss of men and fathers during WW I and WW II. This vacuum created a culture among ‘modern’ women in which they do not take kindly if someone tells them, (like fathers used to say): ‘that’s enough.’ Their posturing about Barack Obama is the image of a society at war. The women folk dislike his firm stand. So now we have the possibility that the freedom loving, uncompromising gum chewing and tobacki spitting women of America are threatening the nation’s well being because they dislike the rise of fatherly firmness and they claim the God given right to do as they please, even if that means the destruction of the superpower called America.

Today no American has the right to claim the right to the kind of democracy which brought them to where they are found today. Today people only have the right to seek a saviour because this far they have managed to elect a President who had degraded the American nation to levels yet not seen and an economic level no person thought the country can reduced to. So having a President like McCain who wants to spend more money to chase terrorists down the street in Pakistan is a full blown recipe for the further financial destruction of a once great country. Born in the year of the Rat and water for main element, McCain needs restriction to succeed because a brook has no restriction it has no power. Water only has power if restricted. His running mate would be of no help and America would get more what it had under the unrestricted presidency of Bush. So please look under your feet ladies before you leap to vote because you may leap into the Abyss and your actions will unravel hell itself from its chains. The only female warriors I know about were the kilt wearing Scots, who were called the ladies from hell by Adolf Hitler so please understand today safe vote.

Certain immature people would call my stance as a dominating male. It is high time for these people to understand the difference between firmness and domineering.

So let’s examine the question: “Is America attracting the Abyss?” But first the birth details:


B. Obama – Born 1961 Ox / Aug 4 (Horse)Ashlesha
2008 earth year – Good friends, associates helpful.
2008 fire month – Antagonises Horse. Better for horse to be more restrained.
2009 earth year- Little change self zodiac year
2010 – Obama will be more powerful but personal domain taxed

J. Biden – Born 1942 Horse / Nov 20 (Dog)Anuradha
2008 earth year – Rat antagonises Horse. Better for horse to be more restrained.
2008 earth month – Rat & Dog will work together with minor adjustments.(Biden & Palin)
2009 earth year – Little change
2010 metal year – Biden will be destabilised

J. McCain – Born 1936 Rat / Aug 29 (Goat)Magha
2008 earth year – Be cautious and check documents.
2008 earth month – Rat is schemer and Ram will be disappointed.
2009 – Little change , if anything better outlook.
2010 – McCain will be ‘pruned’ and will suffer negative effects from life (illness?)

S. Palin – Born 1964 Rabbit / Feb 11 (Rat)Dhanishta
2008 earth year – Be cautious and check documents.
2008 water month – Rat is schemer and it will not learn from itself.
2009 – Little change
2010 – Palin will be un-powered.

On the home stretch:
Sep 29 – Oct 29 (Rooster moon)
Ox will be appreciated (Obama)
Difficult time for the Horse (Biden)
Expect difficulties for the Rabbit(s) (McCain & Palin)

Oct 29 Nov 28 (Dog moon)
Ox will handle difficulties easily (Obama)
Horse will improve (Biden)
Rabbits will be protected (McCain & Palin)


The astrological combination between all the characters is extremely complex. It would be very unfair if the reader would be taught about the intimacies of the way (Chinese) astrology is analysed right now, because it does not make much sense to this astrologer either. It is that close.

It is safe to say that the best move the McCain machine has received was the selection of Sarah Palin for the Vice President. Certainly that is how it looks on the surface and not far into the selection examination. But those who have seen movies about creatures who stir at the bottom of the lagoon while the happy holidaying family with mum, dad and the kiddies swim above carelessly on the surface is the issue in here. The danger with the incorrect choice (in astrological terms) is the abyss Americans need to understand because some of the following issues are endangered:

The quality of relationship between America and European Countries
The Humiliation of the Republican Political Party Integrity
The integrity of the American Nation
Global wars

There is nothing new in these considerations because everybody is dancing in the shadows of such dangers through the money markets and global financial control. Projecting forward into the future through the astrological energies-observed, the unsettling situation is not only eminent but staggeringly threatening under the surface. Electing the people right now without long term view how their presence could influence future conditions; (as if we have only present and immediate judgement), we crystallise and grow very quickly the span of diminishing-time to recover world-balance.

The character of Obama is that of an Ox: powerful, helpful, un-emotional, firm male nature in a male body, Unlike George W. Bush who has a female nature in a male body and that combination should speak volumes about the eight years he had to reduce the countries dignity.

Obama is the kind that would sit in the opposite corner to issues with the ‘Russian reshuffle of territory’, the Palestinian issue, Iran and so on, and hold out till he is going to get what he wants. From an Indian (Vedic) Astrological perspective, Obama has both his mental and spiritual prospective at a very high level and male nature in unison with his astrological aspects. His running mate, Joe Biden is a highly skilled mental thinker (because he is born in a Horse year, working in the background). Not only that Biden has a Dog nature in his lunar cycle, attributing him the character of loyalty and obedience when the horse element is not interfering. The two would be bringing America out of the pit in which she finds herself after the Bush experiment and in the uncertain financial crisis which has risen since this post was first edited and published.

In contrast, John McCain is escorting the flip-flop mentality of Magha (Indian Astrology) which is for ever between the light and the dark side of unpredictability what we experience during sun-eclipse or moon-eclipse. In his lunar aspect the selfish Goat meeting the contriving Rat nature in one individual would be a disaster considering the economic turmoils in the offing.

Added to this, Sara Palin whose Indian Astrology is associated with a female lion (Dhanishta) and therefore the pinnacle of the predators. She is not a hockey mum. She is a grizzly with inability to refrain from conflict. She is self driven, self governed and the kind that is unable to take advice on-board because a lack of understanding of the finer and more refined points of the arguments presented to her, because all she knows is how to run-down prey and nothing else. Not a strong point of a diplomat, representing the country. America is not told through the media to their people that the nation’s future and stability will be based on risky outcome if the Vice-President has earned the right to be elected alone on the premise that she is a woman.  That is not a criteria for wholesome decisions!! Sara Palin trains her mind only for combat and steeped in the practice of opposition for just about everything, much like Mr Bush. There is no reverse gear in Palin makeup.

The male oriented Islamic mentality in Jihad-mode would have a field-day because a woman controlled by her male-nature will always be defeated against a male-warrior Osama bin Ladin. Born in 1957 he is a Rooster by year and a passive fire year, which amounts to a sharp eyed, fly in the face, claws first person with critical predisposition, wo has metal and fire conflict in that Rooster has metal element and the birth year is fire = 1957. Unfortunately we do not know his actual moon-date, but it is suffice to say that as McCain born under the auspices of Rat, his fire year is working against him because Rat has water for element and fire for the year nature and therefore McCains powers would be diminished. Not only that, but McCain’s water element Rat is stifled in an earth year (2008 & 2009) because the earth absorbs water and dissipates its energies. Faced with bin Laden, he is twice at a loosing end because bin Ladin is born in a fire year and his group is therefore fire natured.

Palin as a person born in a Rabbit zodiac (near the cusp of Dragon – but not quite) her nature benefits in an earth years like 2008.  This far the bin Laden energy centered organisation Al-Qaeda has managed to steel the security of the American financial-world from under their noses. The Islamic world converted to gold in the Oceanic region of the world and because of it, every time the US dollar goes down their currency is rising.

Palin – looks tough on the pages of a glossy magazine with the aid of a photographer, but when the cards are dealt, she is a woman and will be unable to combat the Islamic warriors’-mind because as a woman she will be been confronted in America about her worth by pushing people in harm’s way. So who is the ‘stunt double’ for the President as a chief if McCain’s health would fail? Her financial policies are the same as McCain’s: bleed America into a second rate failing state by continuing to supplement the war machine which is devastating the well being of the country. She has not been asked about that aspect of her value in case she needs to take over the reign.

This instability in Palin’s future will be exploited through the Israeli-defence and will give Israel the impetus to take the military initiative by creating a unsettling situation in form of a pre-emptive strike. The American nation will be up to her elbows in wars which are already developing as it is failing up in Afganistan. George W. Bush will look like a kinder garden kid with a bib compared the chaos Palin is able to create by default. It is one thing to go hunting and shooting a few wild-creatures which travel slow on their feet and the other is for a mum to send American children in harms way because she created the conditions for a push to exterminate islamic terrorists, like the early Americans have exterminated the American Indian Nations.

Both McCain and Palin are under the influence of The Chinese Zodiac of rat and Rabbit (or Cat, pending the school you studied under). Both are intensely territorial and will have a sharp or perhaps over enthusiastic reply at a time when quiet consideration is due and the fuse is in danger of being lit.

Rat is disadvantaged because the earth years will devastate Rat’s (McCain) water power as meager as it is and Rabbit (Palin) is under the influence of wood element. While it is ok now in 2008&2009 (because the years which happen to be earth years), this combination devastates water and feeds wood. But the years 2010-2011 are Metal years and that would prune the Rabbit’s (Palin) growth to a stump and pick up Rat’s (McCain) standing. Under the ruler-ship of McCain and Palin, America will become vulnerable in those two years (2010 – 2011) if McCain would die and Palin would be leading because she would be under the influence of negative energy while the Obama camp is separated and is able to better distribute the negative influences upon their leadership.

Regarding the events before and during the last few days – just prior to the election day – the political choices will be extremely critical for both parties because those days are the points of vulnerability. The run-up month of October, will appear that the McCain camp is taking the lime light and even appear to be protected. The winds of fortune will change direction and the people will question the Obama camp and they will have the answers.

I put my head on the block (with a prediction) and say that Barack Obama will just slide through the crack under the door into the oval office in the White House in the mind of the voters in the few days before the votes are cast and the counting will prove the events started well before the election being called.

Astrologically the other choice, namely the McCain and Palin axis is a guarantee to be heading the world into the uncharted waters of a war zone where the American Nation will become more than vulnerable if the flip flop John McCain is in the driver’s seat.

Sun Moon

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