Why Hilary lost out to Obama?

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Simple. She did not consult a good Astrologer. Yes, it is sour grapes with tongue in cheek.

Searched the youtube, I managed to notice this Video. It was made about a Vedic Astrologer. Would like to compare the information between the content of the video and what I am making a case for in here. Two Astrologies are considered here, namely Vedic and Chinese Astrology. Why two, because not one Astrology by itself is adequate to create a complex analysis about dynamics which can be memorised? So look at the details:

Hilary Clinton biography details:

Born: 26 October 1947. Yin Year: Fire
Chinese Astrology: Pig Element: Water
9th Moon: Rooster Element: Metal
Vedic Astrology: Magha (Male Rat)
Planetary Aspect: {Ketu-Tail of Demon Snake} (Indian Astrology)
2008 is a Yang Earth Year.

The political propaganda is impacting people on a personal level as opposed to a general standing quality of the politician reflected by the annual Zodiac. The year 2008 (active Earth) must be considered dominant while judging events within this election year in America.

Hilary Clinton’s Chinese Zodiac element (Pig) has a Water nature. Water nature best understood as you observe it in nature: fluent, dodges obstacles, extremely powerful when dammed up. This suggests that while very agile and fluid like Water, Hilary is absorbed into the Earth (2008) and this way she is loosing all her advantages which are normally at her fingertips in other years. She is unable to stop leaks which obstructs her to dam-up her hydro-power. Added to this, her birth year is yin Fire (1947) and diagonally opposite to Barack Obama, who was born also in a yin (Passive) Metal year. Fire destroys Metal because it can melt it. Having a superficial look, at first glance Barack Obama seems to be at a disadvantage.

Water dissipates when running on the ground. The Earth element (2008) swallows Clinton’s Water element associated with the Pig-Zodiac.

Obama’s Metal year element (1961) IS enhanced because Metal is produced, brought forth by the Earth (2008). He therefore is getting a ‘leg-up’ against Hilary Clinton.

The 9th Moon (October 26 – Hilary Clinton’s birthday) is Rooster and the element for this sign is Metal. While very friendly, extremely helpful as a Pig, her Moon (Rooster) changes her into a critical, on top of buildings, crowing rooster in the early morning, waking up everybody kinda gal. The 1947 year was a yin Fire year, for ever taking away her powers because Fire (month) melts Metal even if she could be advantaged in an Earth year (2008). Normally her Fire would be well placed against Metal, but in an Earth year it is a disadvantage and her Fire is quelled by the Water element in her own Zodiac being dissipated.

This should be interpreted that the year she was born (Fire – 1947) for ever will interfere with her personal connections. The conflict between Water and Fire elements are so powerful, that she will never ever be placed in a situation of winning.

Just think back on her real-estate deals, the Monica Luinsky affair etc. etc. In some respects one could be accused of generalising but what is accurately observed that she is her own worst enemy. She was the inimitable kindly Pig in the Luinsky case and yet she lost some power as a result of what followed. What ever she is able to utilise in the Metal element to her advantage, (such as a sword to defeat Barack) in fact is useless because Obama is born into a Metal year and (2008) swallowed all the fluidity she could produce and all the Fire she can master. This complex energy-connection gives the view of a fighter who gets tired no mater how much energy she is trying to infuse into her battles. The Metal year (1961) born Barack Obama is at an advantage, despite his conflict with the Fire element of Hilary Clinton’s birth year.

Barack Obama biography details:

Born: 4 August 1961. Yin Year: Metal
Chinese Astrology: Ox Element: Earth
6th Moon: Horse Element: Fire
Vedic Astrology: Ashlesha (Male Cat) Planetary Aspect: Mercury
2008 is a Yang Earth Year.

2008 is extremely advantageous for the Earth based Ox. Ox is a very strong masculine sign. This means that in private affairs, the Earth-based Ox-nature also has taken away the Water advantage (which is fluidity) from Hilary and again, Hilary had no chance to recoup her powers to get any advantage. Not only that but their Moon compatibility is disastrous because Barack’s Horse nature is a Fire element and that decomposes Hilary’s Metal element under the influence of Rooster. Fire melts Metal. Truthfully, Barack Obama is also in the same boat, namely that his Horse Moon with Fire quality is opposing his general year of Metal year of 1961.

With respect to their Vedic Astrology, an Ashlesha (Obama) (Male Cat) will be for ever a dominant character in a Magha (Clinton)(Male Rat) life. In fact the Vedic Astrology gives them an absolute and resolute no-no to be working together. Therefore one can say with conviction that Barack not taking Hilary as a running mate has saved America a lot of trouble.

And finally the Vedic astrology as it is related to Hilary. In fact not only to Hilary but also the John McCain because the same aspects apply for both candidates. This means that in the future, a contest between John McCain and Barack Obama will be a loss for McCain because of the same reasons that Hilary Clinton made no headwind against Barack Obama, but this will be expanded upon in the future. But the final and the most disastrous aspect for Hilary Clinton is that the planetary aspect for her is best described as sitting at the edge of light and darkness. She is under the influence of Ketu. and so is John McCain.

Her nature is unpredictable. Can be either in the dark or in the light, open or closed. In the present conditions, her possible election to the White Hose would have been the greatest disaster (from an Astrological point of view) for the United States in the year 2008 and 2009.

Sun Moon


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