Acquiring Asthma through Bad Medication.

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Medical researchers discovered that young children, if administered Paracetamol, acquire asthma in later life. I suspect the medical profession is shocked by the discovery. The most frightening part is (if I understand correctly), the intensity of the symptoms is related to the quantity of Paracetamol ingested.

The medical profession – for some time – has made people ill because doctors failed to pay attention to what they are doing and what effect their remedies create. I often hear that medication repeated without paying attention to details causes patients intoxication through the inappropriate and imposed medication. Imposed it is because the doctors tell the patient to take the medication and say: “Why do you think I have prescribe it ? For you to take it!” A doctor, distant from the patient and keeping them at arms length is a good practice to pass the buck of responsibility and to avoid lawsuits. It is so easy to say, “This is what is recommended by the pharmaceutical companies and therefore we administer it.” We know however that at the end this kind of thinking is just negligence.

The careful eye of your local family doctor, after prescribing the dose of Paracetamol, is no longer kept on the patient because there is no time for that. Not only that but the delay of the symptoms is a good excuse to shove the issue under the table because one can not use a crystal ball to see the future.

The next patient pays for the office, electricity and the Volvo. So the observation falls on empiric observers, the parents, the para medics, and shamans, who closely observing: what medication administered and what is the reaction to them. This alertness then is transmitted to the researchers and this is how people discover damaging ignorance. By all rights, the doctors should be responsible for misdiagnosis and damage as a result of attention-omission to details.

Let me then preview of what takes place in a family and how we can avoid the damage to our children who are presenting an acute temperature and for all intents and purposes, have the clear set of symptoms we would describe as: having a cold. The symptoms are very acute, the child has a headache and sweats a lot and he/she is unable to go to sleep because of discomfort.

Please take Note: There could be other reasons for the reaction in a child and so one should be alert if other symptoms will persist after the recommended treatment below in this article persists. If the symptoms are not reduced within hours from being administered, it is strongly recommended a visit to the doctor. No parent should assume that what appears in these pages is the only possible illness or possible solution for what they may observe in their children while in the grip of temperature, sweating and irritability associated with head ache; a possible cold (flu like) attack on the child.

In the next few lines I will describe what can appear as a cold/flu and also a toxemia.

If the child had a few days earlier food which was not suitable or the child was run down and complex food was used to feed the child such as pizza. The body, as a result of the inappropriate food-kind is unable to process the food properly or fast enough. This causes extreme increase in the toxic material in the body, which creates the classic flu like symptoms.  A general body lethargy seems not to want to disappear . The stomach feels unhappy and the patient has no desire to eat or feels uncomfortable but decides not to stop eating.

At this stage the parents suddenly feel fearful and dash to the hospital or to the family doctor who decides that having a cold is virus based no use to give antibiotic, so they decide to help parents with reducing the suffering of the child and prescribe Paracetamol (Panadol). Please check for trade name changes in your country. More often if the symptom appear after hours the parents wait till the morning to take the child to a physician, so if by the morning the symptoms have not subsided, the doctor must be visited.

The empiric observers realise that the symptoms presented is an intoxication because the kidneys are not efficient enough. In fact this solution also working for adults as well as it works for children. I am not certain how it would affect people who have reduced kidney functions, but it would be a good thing to try. I would be very appreciative any comment emailed (if someone decides to use it as a assistance to reduced kidney functions) so we may update the information.

The remedy consists of: using potatoes and vinegar. A bowl to fit both feet and a grater, plus vinegar and warm water needs to be prepared.

The procedure is this: first grate two or three largish potatoes (sufficient quantity to cover both feet of the patient). Place the bare feet of the patient in the bowl in which the potatoes were grated and cover the naked feet with the potato gratings. Leave the feet covered for at least half an hour and will be noticed that the potato turns pinkish because of the urea the potato drew through the skin and thereby acting like a second set of kidneys. After the recommended time, wash the child’s feet and mix separately warm water and vinegar: say one litre water and two or three spoonfuls of vinegar. Wash down the body of the child with this warm mild white vinegar mix. DO NOT dry the skin of the child, but put the pyjamas on and put them to bed. They will be in deep sleep in a short time.

In the morning the child will be active and hardly any symptoms of ‘cold/flu.’ If this does not occur, the child must visit a physician ASAP.

In cases without complication, the potato removes the toxic materials. The blood which has turned alkaline, with the mild vinegar changes the blood picture toward neutral. I think this very old remedy may reduce the toxification and reduces the cases of asthma in children in the future. Simple but effective.

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