Would the real Mr McCain please stand up.

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The nature of Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology is dynamic. In both disciplines one should look how narratives reveal the nature of the observed individuals and not what is happening in one’s mind. Don’t focus on the what, but on the how. The story-telling in these systems of astrology is not about the angles, planets or conjunctions. The focus should be on the living nature of the observations. For best results (if something appears confusing) in interpreting readings, just check the thinking processes. Redirect your analysis to interpret the informations provided in a narrative or in a “living way.” To enhance understanding of what is being involved, think like a tracker. Discover events through invisible footprints by using a ‘second attention,’ an awareness through behaviour. This style of observing is not that of a clairvoyant (subliminal vision) but the style of an unimpeded observer of nature.

I described the battle raging in America between Barack Obama and John McCain, with a casual look at Sarah Palin and Joe Biden (see other postings in: Recent Posts). I have predicted accuratly the rise and fall in popularity of Sarah Palin way back on the 17th of September 2008 in the article: “Is America courting the Abyss ?” Also described the fall of Senator McCain’s popularity in the final days before the election, and why Hilary lost to Obama. I have explained that Mr Greenspan, President George W Bush and Senator McCain were all born in fire-years (as described by the Chinese Astrology) which endows them with a rather destructive force, if applied negatively. They all were born in a year ending with numeral 6 indicating active fire-years.

Fire nature is the most powerful element having an active-nature, which respects nothing or very little. Fire burns through objects without concern what collateral damage it inflicts through its action. The one person who doesn’t appear as a fire year person is Ex-president Clinton. Yet he shares the fire-year character with the men listed above. He too was born in 1946, like President Bush. Those Americans who suffered the Lewinsky affair would understand the fire element in Clinton’s personality, especially if you look at Lewinsky’s birth year of 1973. 1973 is under the influence of passive water-year and it quenched Clinton’s fire-energy, though not enough to snuff him permanently.

Before the candidates are elected in the active 2008 earth year, I would like to make an indirect observation about John McCain, so America will have an inkling who they are voting for. I conclude with McCain because there maybe few people who will be influenced by my lines and migrate to the Obama camp.

The data available on Mr John McCain is the biography details available on the NET: Born 1936 August 29. In my experience not one astrology is sufficient to fully dissect an individual. That is why I am using  Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology.

The 2008 forecast in the Presidential elections:

Senator John McCain has advanced skills of cunning. No wonder, you heard the expression cunning as a Rat? He overcame all other Republican challengers during the primaries 2008, then sustained himself during the tornado of Sarah Palin and finally earned the respect of many “white American” folk, while the Obama  camp was exposed to claims that he is a Muslim, a man promoting taxes and other claims. McCain has a deep appeal to some white folk who are unable to live in a society where they are not the only inhabitants.

I suppose there are some who need convincing in depth. That is the reason I am making the evaluation with the aid of astrology and to test the accuracy of my analysis, freely and in advance. I feel even the stock market down-turn entered on the scene to harm Senator McCain…. as if God has elected him to suffer during his life: like in his captivity.

1936 is an active fire year. What does this mean in general? The active fire nature (1936) would be represented by burning wood.  People born under the sign of Red Rat have expressiveness, aggressiveness, leadership, passion and an unlimited source of energy. If this surge of energy started with excessive power and exuberance, may prove to inflict a toll on the individual born under these conditions and their effort usually finishes with a whimper. If Rat is born in the fire-year, it exhibits excessive energy which may appear as lack of discipline. Red Rat makes decisions on events which may not allow it to perceive the real workings in the background and becomes prone to mistaken judgement.

There is very little Rat is afraid of and the old folk story makes it clear. When Buddha called the animals, the Ox was the first who went to greet the Buddha. Rat asked Ox if he can ride on Ox’s head because he was little, weigh hardly anything. The obliging Ox agreed to help Rat. Just before they arrived to see the Buddha, Rat jumped off and run first to encounter the Buddha. That is the reason for Rat being the first animal in the zodiac cycle. Rat is directly blunt in his address to others and very verbal in ideas.

There are other hindrances in Senator McCain’s life. The Rat year in which he was born has the element of water as an element representing the Rat zodiac. This combination has a negative effect on the Fire year. By being in an earth-year in 2008, Senator McCain’s water governed Rat zodiac is disadvantaged because water dissipates into the earth unnoticed. So does Senator McCain’s power dissipates during the election process.

Look at the difference in the advertising money collected by the candidates and how the McCain war chest lost power because of his inappropriate decision to reject public money to finance his campaign. In simple terms this suggests that Senator McCain’s actions diminish his effectiveness because of his own personal attributes. Driven by water under the influence of Rat, he is disadvantaged in earnest in earth year. Senator McCain in other words is his own worst enemy and if he wins, you can take it for granted the election is not kosher.

August 29 falls under the influence of a Goat-moon in the Chinese astrology. This, again places McCain in conflict with himself, because Rat’s element water and Goat’s earth element conflict like the year 2008. This means that McCain’s personal qualities are effected detrimentally and are jeopardised by the conflicting energies around him. He is not able to maintain a strong presence because the water element of Rat is dissipated in the Goat’s earth-quality and affecting his own progress during a fire year. Perhaps this can be expressed in practical terms where he decided to acquire Sarah Palin as a winning help. How detrimental that move has become? Goat has other disadvantages, in that it is not exactly a diplomat. Goat attacks the victim when he turns around and the Goat rams the unaware individual in the butt.

In Vedic astrology August 29 falls under the influence of Magha, represented by a male rat. There is nothing in common between a Magha and an Ashlesha (which is Obama). They are like  the combination of a red flag and a bull. They are unable to have anything in common, except conflict. Ashlesha, the male Cat – the character of Obama is a hunter and the other, Magha, the male Rat- the character of McCain is the hunted.

But there is something about the zodiac of Magha, which is definitely undesirable (from a safety point of view), to be the character of the President of the USA. In Indian (Vedic) astrology Magha’s star system is represented by the position of not one star but by the intimate combination of three celestial bodies, namely the Sun, Moon and the Earth. This combination is governed by “Ketu.” Magha therefore belongs between both, the light and dark forces. It also switches between them rapidity. Magha is energised by the past and it suggests that there is something more profound in the connection between Magha and other zodiacs or events than first appears in front of the observer.

To fully understand, here is an explanation how it works: if one can imagine the Earth being interposed between the Sun and the Moon, this will result in a near instant darkness created by the moon eclipse. As the planets move, the light will return. Magha is a representative of such sudden change between light and darkness.

Senator McCain is too mercurial. His mouth will create often a detrimental result around him and thus he may become the agent of provocation. It is unfortunate that his obstinacy during the Vietnam war now it is presented as a positive aspect. He may be a good man, looking after his comrades on the ground, but it is he who is falling into conflict first.

His Presidency will be represented by a quicksand like stronghold on recovery. He will look for events which will highlight his character, rather than act with humility and win the peace. He may continue the war which would exhaust the American purse beyond return. Sarah Palin is identical in desire to her leader and will continue the war while Americans suffer illnesses and homelessness at home after the credit crisis.

Obama will not create the separation of states in the union, but McCain will, because of the more and more depressing financial relationship in the American federation. In this manner his presidency will be reflecting discontent and not unity. His fire-year nature will not be different from those of the Bush years. After all they were both born in the same nature-year. The difference is that a Dog is stupid (the birth sign of President Bush), while the Rat is ambitious and too unpredictable.

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