The Gods Must Be Crazy (introduction)

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I would like to apologise to anyone who is offended by this title. I acquired it from the movie called The Gods Must Be Crazy.

The short story of the movie: a Bushman of the Kalahari Desert, N!xau (played by Xi), found a coke bottle as he was having a walkabout in the dessert of the Kalahari. If you did not see the film, please use the YouTube link above to acquire an inkling of what the movie (part one) is about. A Coke bottle was chucked out the window of an aeroplane. N!xau thought, the Gods have sent it and therefore it must have some use. During the journey of the bottle, it becomes at first the centre of curiosity and interest in his community. Later it graduates to be the centre of evil and creator of conflicts.

I have chosen this title as a result of the world economic turmoil, the turmoil which is the social-tsunami we “had to have”. This monolithic wave was in the making since the late fifties. Most of my friends muttered under their breath decades ago: “this can’t go on without a disaster”.

When someone is in a railway tunnel, the light at the end of that tunnel is not always the light-of-day.

These are times when our human nature learns again, that young nations with young minds are really suckling babes in terms of culture. They are unable to say no to those things which a wise consideration will not touch. Having a national leader with a juvenile mind is augmenting insanity. He attained respect not because he is a competent leader of that nation but because the office he is holding makes him a pygmy with a machine gun. Such leaders are not the light-of-day at the end of the tunnel but the train hurdling toward the people who huddle together in the tunnel. They are praying for a miracle to take them out of their entrapment, so they can stop sacrificing their children on the altar of disinformation. The beast in the tunnel is squashing everything in front of it to run people over so it can get too the light of day at the other end of the tunnel, so it can bathe in it under false pretences.

I suspect we are still in front of a train which is unable to stop. Why? Because we are still using the money, milked from the people, to prop up industries which, under the rules of the free market, should die. The world acquired nationalised banking just like the Comunist World did.

This is the wages for the modern man for the ill considered mistakes of their leaders who view the world from a limited prospective of acquisition at all cost. The wages people pay for insanity are the blood and substance of the nation. Some people turned homeless and have abandoned their children. This is the beginning of abandoning to be a human and the beginning of turning into an animal. The only catch-cry is survival, where morality is thrown out the window; like a Coke bottle. The abandonment of human qualities are the next steps toward total meltdown of a previously great society, unless that society divests itself from attitudes promoting nothing but business and stop being politically correct.

I developed a connection with the bushman of the Kalahari Desert, and the connection grew in me after meditation when I realised I have a kindred spirit with the character in the movie. I remembered the story, searching for solutions like he did, about what is happening to the world, and what were the achievements man has made thus far and how those achievements will save us? Technology will not save, we already know that some technology progress only manages to increase the flow of money. What we need to create is a bridled control of our excesses, because that is what got us into the mess in the first place. China for many years undermined the world by artificially withholding the rise of their currency while working itself into a manufacturing giant.

I was ready to consider, where is our next stop. Where is that place where we re-assess our steps for the future? To use the aid of a simple man, to make sense of the turmoil, which is overshadowing our world? I thought this return to old fashioned wisdom would be the best process in order to escape disaster, because our normal life is so severely contrived that nothing is simple. Humans on this globe have been blended for some time now into a homogenous smoothie, where nothing stands out and all is blended into one. Our world best practice has killed all our honourable heros.

The speed, with which the down-turn progressed, seems instant just like the Coke bottle which was chucked out through the window of the aeroplane in the movie. The speed of the two events is identical. The bushman struggled to make sense of his encounter which had its origins outside his everyday life. He had to use all his skills and cunning, his senses, which served him in the past, to reconcile the new unknown object in his life, with the understanding he had built up about it. I am also struggling to understand the new world into which we changed.

I began to feel the mind of the man from the Kalahari growing in my own mind because the environment around me suddenly and intimately became interconnected with George W. Bush, who was the bottle out of the sky, thrown down by gods who must be crazy. I also discovered the proverbial Coke Bottle when I heard that President George W. Bush is going to chair the G20 economic summit and make further contributions to the already devastated economy of the world and the American Economy by promoting the same practice over and over again.

Sorry… Take two….

The world’s most hated President at the end of his destructive life-span as a president is given another bite at the cherry by heading the worlds economic summit where he is again promoting the free market which has nearly destroyed his country and placed the world at the brink of an economic and unrecoverable disaster.

How dumb is that?

It is not that George Bush is hated; it is that a calamity was unleashed on the rest of the world because the world is inevitably interconnected with the American dollar, which should be renamed from the green-back to the red-back. It is dangerous to be around, like a red-back spider. It is deadly if it bites you. George Bush was the driver, holding onto the steering wheel of the bus, which had its destination into the hell-hole of Afghanistan and Baghdad, pre-booked by Osama bin Ladin who knew the Bushmentality of personal revenge, and he made certain that Bush would drive the bus off the road in Asia. Israel cannot understand that the greatest nation ever can be reduced to a knee crawling magul by ants. In the H. G. Wells’s story “War of the Worlds” The Martians were destroyed by bacteria.

Australia has become famous again because our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, supposedly was asked by President Bush, “what is the G20?” Consider, that for a long time I have reminded people that President Bush was born in a fire year and that Bush has no concern about what his torch is scorching because it is his nature to burn through obstacles. He must be a student of Tacitus, who believed, there is no glory in a peaceful empire. The Roman Empire has collapsed some four hundred years after Tacitus, so Bush has improved on Tacitus. It took him only eight years to destroy the American empire. He is also unaware of economics as I am unaware about the life of an otter in the wild countryside of America.

Is it good for the world that the most powerful man in the world lacks economic understanding, while the rest are desperate to find answers for the ills of the world’s economy, which was hastened by an incompetent president? Obviously it must be good because all great corporation and their CEOs want to carry on the same way as they have in the past, by demanding millions of dollars for their. All these bright people forget the proverb: “If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.”


In my desert world of compassionless society, the “world leaders” are the crazy gods: powerful, protected and unelected. They run their “tyre tracts” across people’s lives, disregarding all who they roll under their tyres as if it is their “right-to-behave-as-they-will.” They have no policy to resolve the problem so long as there is indiscriminate growth. They act contrary to all the laws of God known to mankind.

Now we, the twenty-first century inhabitants of western culture are the recipients of a gift. This gift is our alarm clock, ready to awaken us from a long and deep ’sleep-in.’ This wakening is in the beginning of the greatest upheaval the world economy. It has yet not fully developed or unveiled before us.

What are the laws known to mankind which God provided for us?

1. There is only sufficient life-support on the planet to sustain life and not to be abused for indefinite growth.

2. Ignoring the above rule creates extinction. Just look at the disappearing animal and plant species.

3. Having a dollar, you only can buy a dollar’s worth. No more.

In the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” N!xau is a simple, down to earth native of the land, who observes how the world works. He watches the seasons and the signs which disclose danger. He is very closely attuned to his environment. His survival depends on his awareness. He is the barometer of his world. He looks for all the little signs which will enhance his survival. His mind bends with the agility of a high-wire performer, who secures his work place. He is able to take his steps to cross the abyss with the confidence of a brave who has considered all dangers and took care not to have disasters.

When the Coke bottle falls out of the sky, N!xau tries to find ways to fit the object into the workings of his world. He fails each time because the bottle is not suitable for any purpose which ensures a good outcome in his world. The object found does not help him in any of his activities in the long run, because the object does not belong in his world. It is an outside influence, destroying the fabric of his society. When it does not work, he has to abandon a useless endeavour and has to discard the magic object despite its being useful in some parts, because it creates mischief at the same time.

Am I unfair to wonder about the sanity of the gods which rule the modern world, or is it the free will given by the gods that created a crazy American President? Or was it the people who voted him into office from the beginning, because they followed some crazy law of a God, destined to ruin the world?

Mercilessly, I would like to judge the thinking of modern advisers. The speeches I hear say: the stock-market will pick up eventually and we only see a glitch right now so talk up the positive side of the disaster. They say the past proved that this cycle changes over the years and the good time will come back again. I am sorry to inform these thinkers that they are as crazy as the gods who throw bottles out the window because good times do come back, but those who lost their money in the financial tsunami are unable to appreciate those recoveries. They are ultimately left behind. I would like to see the statistics of loses and not the climbs in the corridors of the stock market.

The very power of recovery which is needed for growth is not an option, because we have no oil to transform into work energy as we had in the past. The energy required to make the old economy fly like a bird is no longer available. Most energy and creativity is restricted to create other power sources and that is not production. That is working for survival. We have, on the other hand, intense growth in weather calamities. That means in economic terms, we are having an inflation of weather deformation which cannot be controlled with cutting interest rates. There will be no growth because the plants of the future providing food are already the legal property of large companies. Our health can not cope with the kind of life we live, or the toxic foods we develop. We are having extreme increase of ill health, be that physical or mental.

Growth is not available in the same way as when all the Indians were killed and the slaves have collected the cotton. The land acquired was and is abused without impunity. The canaries in the mines are no longer having difficulty breathing. They have already fallen off the perch. It is time for the miners to leave, abandon work and go to safety. Canaries are not the cause of the bad news; they are the messengers of it. They are the evidence of bad news which is undeniable. The world has endeared itself this far with crap-items. We purchased out ourselves for the next half a century. The morality of toxic food production and work ethics is not sustainable or desirable in the future world.

The next stage of development for the world is on the edge of the abyss. The “growth” we fail to notice is backwards (down the hill which we have just climbed) because we can not create with the same speed as we did before. President Bush’s unrestricted trade-practices are the same folly as the other great disasters men have created for themselves; Napoleon and Hitler just to name a few. Both of these crazy gods have engaged in wars (or encounters if you please) outside their safety limits. The supply line to achieve world domination has extended beyond safe return. Besides the war on terror there is nothing more than the Third Reich’s army, struggling against the partisans of the day. America has suffered a moral devastation like all other war-makers. America at the moment is morally and financially bankrupt.

In the last decade, the proud nation which had the distinction that everybody liked it, recently has sunk below respectable levels. In fact the people of nations are despising the American model. The modern business must travel far from home to count itself viable. When we speak about making inroads into virgin market territories may sound good but it is a fallacy because this migration speaks not of development but the postponement of economic downturn in the ultimate. What this means is that the local destruction went so far and so deep that we need new territory to sell wares; like China. This removal of work-power form home is no different to when one takes their armies far away and have supply problems as the two crazy gods mentioned before. The Romas exported their practices and failed. The British have done the same and failed, so did Germany and Spain. They too failed!

The mechanical world is in its last struggle. To be precise it is in a death struggle. If the reader has followed my elemental-astrology and understands the interaction of elements, would understand that the two Earth years of 2008 and 2009 are followed by two Metal Years of 2010 and 2011. The real collapse resulting from the slashing of the sword (representing metal years) will then be realised. The petrol shortage and credit crisis from 1972 followed by each decade after metal years (198219922002) where financial destabilisation times. The warnings were and are ignored because “no same business tycoon would listen to these kinds of astrological analyses.” These earth years were the introductory trembling of financial collapse to follow and we are witnessing the preparations for it now. The inflation of acquire now pay-later, so long as you buy-now, is not just taking hold but taking shape fast and it is an aggressive way to create a credit crisis. The companies like Harvey Norman in Australia advertising 20 months credit are unable to understand that we do not know what happens in a day never mind what may happen in a dream-time 20 months hence!!!!

Alvin Toffler’s: “Future Shock” is here. Buy the book!!!!

Learn to survive. Don’t buy a bookmark. Make one. Don’t buy a shirt, make one. Be proud about what you can do and not what you can buy. Small business is the only sustainable feature for the future. Those big business gods who (as I see it … are crazy) desire to return to the way it was are the grave diggers of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The barons, lords and prices in the past had to go because of their gathering of money and power. The barons of modern board-rooms also must go. The sickness of high wages unreasonably earned, must go or we are justifying our future-downfalls by ignorance. The only safe way is to have an equitable society where the level of well being is near equal to all. That way there is no envy.

Our decisions in the future will be like the industrial revolution, but in reverse and my contribution is to offer a way proven through observation of past history. We never had democracy and maybe the Greeks didn’t either if you look back deep enough. Democracy is not based on: “I do what I like, because I can.” That is open ended market, that is a poker game. Democracy is based on empathy, self restrictions and the predominance of the community of carers. That is also a thing we lost long time ago when we sold our assets like power, telecommunication and heath, because the unrestricted crazy gods demanded free range on their playground. I am sorry but in times like this we discover that the gods are crazy. The man in the Kalahari Dessert found out when he couldn’t make head or tail of events in his life.

These “articles of meditation,” are free of charge. They are testimonies about the accuracy of ancient wisdom as interpreted with present day wisdom. At this stage, the theme of: “The Gods Must Be Crazy” is the first in a line of articles dwelling into the future.

In closing, I asked a friend for his thoughts on the solution to this present economic turmoil. His replied came without hesitation. He said: “We need a messiah.”

Maybe “Dada” Barack will fit the bill to save the world of economic indulgence. He soared into office by the people of the world, holding hope for his election, but then, so was Bush growing out of the same people. He did not have the world behind him. We all understand Bush is a different timber (with all the pun intended) because only the Americans voted for him while the world refused to consider him eligible. I have the feeling Obama may just do for a messiah. I have no other choice at the moment and he emerges like a thief in the night. I look at him through the lenses of my skill, astrology.

Oh by the way, don’t forget, I called him “Dada” first. It is not a perfect name before we learn to know him, but will do as a credit-note for the time being.

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Mr Greenspan’s spade

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Edward R. Murrow I am not.  Even if Paul Revere (according to history) failed to ride in the night to warn about the British, I would like to take his place and shout as I ride across the American Nation: Wall Street is coming, Wall Street is coming.

I have a fascination for the power of proverbs. These small gems are “word-barricades,” used against adversaries like advertisers, real-estate agents and politicians. By using proverb-defence, the ship of one’s life, floating dangerously in choppy waters will not sink because wisdom-sayings remind us of self preservation practices. The same is applicable during financial wars. One learns routine in a defence system. One practices, and practices systematic habits ’til becomes second nature, so when the time comes for defence everybody acts automatically and without panic.

This is what is supposed to happen when you know what you are doing.

Mr Greenspan, you failed to introduce into your world a small proviso called caution. Below, in terms of astrology, I will explain why I perceive that you have acted according to your nature and not according to wisdom, thereby making you guilty of acting against the welfare of the country and should be punishable by law. My contribution to your ideology is the suggestion that you have ignored the most creative economic book written by  Schumacher called: “Small is Beautiful.”. America would be holding the gold and the rest of the world also would be peaceful and wouldn’t look like a house made of cards if you had read this classic. American readers should look at that book for self preservation.

So back to the title. Remember the proverb – “Call a spade a spade not a shovel?” Recent news about the testimony of Mr Greenspan reminded me of this proverb because that is the practice he is in. The process of disclosing to us what he has discovered about himself in recent months amounts to the meaning in the proverb. He says he is building spades (the active and sturdy character of a nation by manipulating interest rates) when in fact selling shovels (forgetting the nature of the money he is shaping through interest rates). The original proverb has a hidden meaning about honesty that you promote what you are claiming. My use of this proverb refers to the character and nature of his understanding about the meaning of his error. The character of money suddenly lost, its real nature through the manipulation of banks among each other became corrupted, so in fact made Mr Greenspan’s “adjusting the leavers” not-possible and his persistence that he was correct became a farce. His expert eye failed to see values called sub-prime. The very words trigger an alarm.

The present reality in a real world is counting down toward the “inflation of global warming.” Then the shortage and the lack of availability of gas will “exponentially inflate.” Large businesses will fall because the ground upon they are set is uncertain and will produce economic tsunamis when falter, like they have done now!!! That is also the future event on the world stage because one person’s greedy acquisition is someone else’s disaster. Failed ideologies have the only “infinite growth.”

As an analyst I ask myself if this is not another manufactured crisis to take our eyes off the Middle East as 9/11 took our eye off the Lebanon crisis? If it is I can add another inflation to the list: “the inflation of failure.”

Mr Greenspan, your predecessors in the management of America’s economy through Wall Street destroyed American family life in the last century. They had the courage to jump from the windows because of their ruined honour and the suffering they caused to millions of people. You on the other hand have the audacity to tell to the American people through your testimony that “ideology hampered good governance!!!” This is the testimony and the core of the illness that the American nation has. That is the testimony and the core of Zimbabwe and Mugabe, who has an ideology and has the governance that you had.

So what is the way one may reconstruct or reverse-engineer through astrological aspects why such character as Mr Greenspan should have been disregarded as an academic advisor on the ground of astrology. Also why we are adding to the future problems.

Mr Greenspan was born according to the records on March 6, 1926. The years ending in 6 are active fire years, such as 1926, 1936, …etc. People born during active fire years will not negotiate. They just burn through things like a welder’s torch. When that happens, all the materials will be fused together.

To give you a comparison, another character born in a 6 year is George W. Bush. He was born 1946. The similarity goes a bit further. Mr Greenspan’s sign is Tiger, while President Bush was born under the sign of Dog. Both are aggressive animal characters if born under the influence of fire and their aggression comes to the fore. Both attack and above all they are extremely compatible, so these two individuals placed together in a national scene create harmony between themselves and I wonder how much their combination has contributed to the present disharmony.

From a Vedic astrology point of view, Mr Greenspan is represented by the sign of a male Lion – Purve Bhadra. Again to make a comparison, Sarah Palin’s Vedic astrology places her in a female Lion zodiac – Dhanishta. In hindsight we may say, neither has sense for finances only hunting. Palin is able to spend on clothes (big time) and Mr Greenspan also spent big time because he also has a blind spot for cautious living.

The moon cycle under which Mr Greenspan was born is represented by Ox. This places him to be described as an iron fist in a velvet glove forging his will through all obstacles. This nature may be fitting a bulldozer, not a financier whose task is to have a near clairvoyant quality.

These articles I write so people will have a good understanding about the nature of the service we offer by analysing energy lines between people on the long run and therefore contributing to the understanding of how people related to each other. It is valuable for occasions where people desire to embark on projects and if nothing else will provide a lateral view, another way by which one can evaluate situations. For example, after looking at this analysis, do you think it is a good idea to attend the forum President Bush has called? I think not.

Finally the last birthday before America is choosing a president. Senator John McCain was born 29 August 1936. Can anyone see a pattern in here and why the ultimate push downhill for the American nation would be the election of Senator McCain as President?

    Your comments are welcome:

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Sun & Moon

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Guide to the U.S. Economic Bedlam.

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I would like to apologise for the technical description in the beginning of this article because without it, it is difficult to explain the dilemma of the financial problem the world is facing properly. One needs to explain after all, how the evaluating-apparatus works. I will use ‘minimum-stress’ explanation and expand the description sufficiently so one is able to follow the argument at a complex level.

Evaluating how elements interrelate in the Chinese elemental system one needs to observe how the universe works around us through this system. Everything can be described through this system in the same manner as ‘real’ science can describe events and interactions. Good astrologers make predictions as accurately as the accuracy of the weather prediction. This system is fluid and can be used as one would use a ruler-in-the-mind to measure contingencies. This is the way we estimate chance-elements in a horse race or at the stock-market and ultimately how we estimate friends and enemies and marriage for that matter is just like this system. The Chinese elemental analysis is like the science of ecology. Ecologists look around in an observed place to discover what groups interact (animal, bacterial or plant) and how their relationship affects those observed.

Elements Reconcile

Please note:

  • Right-click on an images, then choose the option View Image to enlarge image.
  • After viewing, just click on the “Go Back One Page” (Return button) which is situated under the ‘File’ (pull-down-menu) on the top left and continue reading.

The diagrams labeled “Elements” represent a complete set participating in the elemental cycle and how one element-nature follows the next step. The diagram depicts the simple interrelationships between the participating natures while the picture entitled “Reconciling” shows the complexities when one analyses an issue in detail or when matters get complex.

In the diagrams, the colour black represents = metal nature, blue represents = water nature, green represents = wood nature, red represents = fire nature and ochre represents = earth nature. The word element is not a very appropriate description. I like the word integrity because each element behaves exactly as one expects it to behave and thus its ‘integrity’ is preferred.

There are also two hues of each colour, representing active and passive natures. The blunted star tips (lightly coloured pentagons) represent yin or passive qualities, while the pointy ones with fullness of colour are representing yang or active qualities. The thin-lines with arrowheads (going from tip to tip and from one colour to another represent the interaction between the elements and the movement of energies. Their colour gives indication of the particular characteristics associated with them.

Elements Reconcile

Thus years 1940, 1950, 1960 etc., are active-metal or yang years and this is indicated with the numeral 0 in the pointy colour area, while 1941, 1951, 1961 are passive-metal years and the figure 1 indicates in the grey coloured pentagon the passive nature of the year. The same is applicable in the 1942, 1952, 1962 etc., years for active-water. Again the numeral 2 and the numeral 3 depict active and passive-water years respectively. The following colours are for: wood year (green), fire year (red) and earth year (ochre and yellow).

A comparison can be made between the Chinese system of elemental analysis and the United States financial crisis because the perfect system is a natural elemental cycle and provides a good counter point for an artificially created system. The convoluted – man made chaos of finance, shifting from here to there – is feeble. The elemental cycle on the contrary is perfect because it is like the water cycle or the  carbon dioxide cycle in real nature. A cycle which is naturally observed in nature and even in life there are cycles such that of a worm → pupa → butterfly → eggs → worm. Then the cycle repeats again.

Now we may be just ready to jump into the thick of the teetering financial world of the United States, which is either collecting a cold or it is having a serious bronchitis as a prelude to pneumonia.

Since the world finances have changed from a gold-based system (approx in 1950s) to an open ended system, puts the Chinese elemental integrity apart and separate from the nature of the US finance. The gold based system was harmonious with the Chinese elemental astrological system. Simply put, the maximum amount one could borrow was the amount of gold the country or individual possessed. No one could borrow beyond that and the value of gold was represented by the US greenback. So the financial system pre 1950s was closed just like the total availability of elements in nature are closed into the world we are living in. Maintaining it would have curtailed excesses, while the open system used it to liberate itself and to gather damage in its wake as it happens now.

Elements Reconcile

Though separate in principle the natural financial cycle and the artificial one – this divergence of the artificial financial systems from the Chinese or natural systems – may be used to unravel the understanding the American present financial illness. The closed system is the same as the Gaia principle which was abandoned by the high-flying executives because they could not do what was incorrect on the long run. Now she (Gaia) demands attention through the natural turmoil which creates bigger and bigger disasters because there was no respect for her.

The American financial system at the moment is trying to maintain the illusion of ‘all’s well if we just pass the laws.’ If they bail out the institutions and their loss, they have only fixed the leaky boat. I am afraid now it is time to consider not a boat but the Titanic. That majestic traveller of the sea (Titanic) also had a leak. The problem was the complications about an inability to keep the water out of the hull. A nightmare, which like the sword of Democles hangs over the head of the American Legislators.

What enables man to know anything at all about the world around him?Knowing demands the organ fitted to the object’, said Plotinus (d. A.D. 270). To have the right organ fitted for the job, observe the diagram labelled Elements. Topmost active metal and clockwise following → passive metal → active wood → passive wood → active fire → passive fire → active earth  → passive earth. This paradigm in the diagrams is the real evaluer of closed systems where the characteristics similar to life are observed.

The arrows – outside the star – indicate the most favourable sequence in the Element diagram. Metal helps water appear when digging the ground or pounding living matter like fruit. Metal creates water. A water person benefits from a metal conditions because his/her energies are supported by metal. Water in turn will help the wood person to grow and wood in turn fuels fire. To a writer born in a fire year, a wood partner will be very rewarding, while in tern fire through its own activity when supplied with wood will create earth which in turn will contain metal. Therefore metal is born from the earth.

Elements Reconcile

Now turn for the inner descriptions of what the arrows show. Starting again from metal in top position, metal getting involved with fire nature will destabilise metal because fire melts metal. While fire dominates metal, water diminishes fire’s power. Fire gives energy away to water. Water is absorbed by earth and will disappear because earth soaks it up and thus dissipates it. Wood extracts the power of earth for its own growth and it is metal which cuts wood to reduce it in size.

The Reconciliation diagram on the right describes how (integrities) elements behave when one needs to balance or remedy negative relationships. Again, if we start with metal in top position, it will gain power over wood by controlling the size of wood and in turn fire will be affected because it will have reduced heat which can be turned onto metal. In the diagram, the arrow from fire travels to wood which in turn travels to metal. So this is how the Chinese elemental system is realised in schematic way to make it a little simpler.

In the American financial system the unrestricted growth (like plants which supply food to individuals) has grown oversize and was stored without reduction in size by slow ‘fuel reduction.’ Bushfires are greater if no ‘fuel reduction’ is applied. Now all the fuel (money which was freely available before) has disappeared. No more wood as it were. This is because of the war which is an uncontrolled fire and the housing crisis was the last flame which took the last bit of finance security away. This was the plan of Osama bin Ladin in the first place. He could not believe his luck when the Bush administration followed Sadam Hussein. Bush the general has made the same mistake as Napoleon in Russia. Napoleon lost because of the supply lines were so long, it could not support troop actiity. Bush fallen in the same trap.

Elements Reconcile

The bailing out of the banks, if it goes according to President Bush’s request is like taking another lot of wood, which was in storage for the American people and burning it by those who have caused the fire in the first place. The difference is going to be in the future that there is no more ability for the country to have any ‘winter store’ set aside because they are now preparing to burn what is left, so the practice of self destruct will be maintained.

The security for the money deposits to protect people’s money is one criterion some legislators desire to introduce to protect the depositors money, so the people who abused their position will not be able to burn more unrestrictedly. But these steps will not assist. It is not enough to protect trees from the weather, they must also be fed. The earth nature which fuels growth (wealth of the nation) was abused by those who have done the burning. If they are used to promote growth in the cycle is where the capitalist system will create its own decomposition because if the system is used as it was the proverb that if you do what you did will for ever give you what you got.

The American nation must find another way of living. President Bush, who waisted enormous amounts of money of the American people, should pay for the result of his work. The same way as drug dealers are divested of their wealth acquired through crime, so should politicians pay for the loss of money that belonged to the nation.

If the devastated public purse can not be replenished from those who created the ‘money burning’ in the first place the natural cycle is damaged. That is what stagnation is. Financial mumbo-jumbo talk can not avoid facing the real cycle of integrities!! This is where the need for the restrictive and rigid nature of metal is needed to chop the wild growth of wood nature people who suck the quality out of the earth without replenishing the substance needed for growth.

Elements Reconcile

The application of metal to prune will assist the re-appearance of water which is also needed for growth. Water’s nature is to meander and to get to the most stable point where it can gather into a passive pond which will be more powerful then a brook which happens when people are restricted to do to work to created and search out new paths. Water nature is the nature of the American peoples. At the moment the earth that is created by the fire of people profiteering individuals keeps the profit made in their possession. This way as was said: ‘They have privatised the profit and socialised the debt.

This year is active earth year. The fluidity (water element) of the American finances has been absorbed further by the active earth year. Next year is a passive earth year and more energy will be lost because of lack of understanding of natural cycles in the Americas. The focusing on unnatural financial concepts that are appearing as a saving system is irrational in comparison to natural sequences and that will further undermine the country.

The following years of 2010 and 2011 are metal years and that is where America will be pruned even more and the growth of wood (food for the natural growth) will be devastating. The only hope is placed (from an astrological point of view into the 2012 of water year, but because there will be no stability in the previous years of metal (2010, 2011) the country will slide more into a system which is unable to recover. This also corresponds to the 2012 enigma.

Again the past two thousand year’s philosophy coming out of the Judeo-Christian Biblical concept of ‘use all in the world because god gave it to you’ is in the centre of greed-illness plaguing the US. The religion of greed is what does not respect natural cycles and that is what is destructive. The fuel provided by China through the cheap productions has also contributed. The Islamic states desiring to change currency to gold is devastating the recovery of the US because they are unable to afford to change back as this would make them having to face reality, that what they own is amounting to near nothing.

Elements Reconcile

The close study of the Reconciliation diagram provides the answer to the politicians. Bailing out the banks who are the wrongdoers is the push that will destroy the American nation. The present burning of money as President Bush has done in Afghanistan and Iraq is the problem. The insatiable greed of real-estate agents created an inflation of housing. Now America is looking down the barrel of the inflation of inflation. Who can ignore Zimbabwe!! The same natural cycle was destroyed by Mugabe and the inflation of thousands of percent is the result.

The addition to the mix of John McCain who desires to do the same and some more fails to understand that the bin Ladin strategy of metal chopping here chopping there of the American branches causes the bleeding of the nation. The estimation I have is that the decomposition of the state of the USA is not only inevitable but has turned the apex and now is heading down the slope.

America must bite the bullet and take the money out of the pocket of the wrong doers to survive. Knowing how the American think I bet my bottom dollar as the best investment I can make that they will not.

Sun & Moon


Why the hourglass is important?

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The fact that it is. People created artifacts thereby contributing to the intimate understanding of life and all the paraphernalia which comes with the processes of life. Such paraphernalia may be called objects used in ‘rite of passage’ ceremonies. Such events and objects mark a stage of development of the individual. Sometimes, Baptism, Bar Mitzvah and other rites of passage are rituals created by humans on cultural basis. Life also has tasks for the individual at different stages of life, so these tasks are also called rites of passage, but they are created by life: life-transits would be a good word to describe  them.

The special wisdom incorporated in an hourglass is offered here for meditation to those reading these lines. The concept, the nature of an hourglass is like the concept for people. The ‘principles’ are near identical between the two.  The hourglass is made up of two separate identities and so are people. The hourglass tells about something immaterial like: time. Our lives are just the same. We also have an immaterial part, called spirit or consciousness. We also share the nature of having a perishable body and the signs of the time are imprinted on that physical body, both for the hourglass and for us humans.

The period of the creation in history is clear if we analyse the style of the hourglass. It is the same with us human beings. People from different countries, different times do have distinguishing marks by which we are able to place them. We can recognise modern Chinese, Vietnamese, Afghans and so on, just like we are able to judge the age of an hourglass by the design that encases the glass part. The glass part never changes. That can not be changed or altered because the concept would be destroyed. The outer casing on the other hand varies from culture to culture and century to century.

Sun & Moon

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