The Gods Must be Crazy – The Australian Liberal Party – part II

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This particular posting is the extension to the topic of the Australian Liberal Party – as if one looks through the “looking glass” of astrology. Curious word – looking glass – defined as: a (glass) mirror.

Looking through a mirror, it conveys the idea that someone is looking at the event which happens in front of the mirror (on the other side of the invisible viewer).

This results – in case of an individual or individuals – in observing the face they may not prefer to show in public at large. My look through the mirror of the Australian Liberal Party is the kind that would not be put before the public because the level or standard I use is not accepted by modern science or social norms. It is disclosing the nature of the person as opposed to describing the facts only about the person. Yet my previous writings do manage to come close to the actual events. This coincidence can be favourably compared to the science of my observations or scientific observations in general.

The reason for this edition is the incorporation of Senator Barnaby Joyce into the front bench of the present Australian Liberal Party. The good Senator (according to the Internet information (Wikipedia) celebrates his birthday on the 17th of April, 1967. For details of elemental aspect and definitions of the same, please read and compare the previous article.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly the year ending in 7 is a fire year and the nature of people born under such times are direct and cut through objects or people before them, like a blue blooded politician. It is the most masculine of powers among the elements. 1967 is an year of the Goat and Goats but people, things, each other with their horns. The element ascribed to Goat is earth.Earth is created by fire so the fire year is supporting his birth sign. One may conclude that he has a natural support for his nature as a person and that too is clearly observable from his biography.

Again this focuses an already centred fire fuelled success-allowed individual. This far the descriptors are very apt to the Senator and his previous performance both in the Parliament and in public. But the hidden creature is the reason I have taken the time to say something about Senator Joyce.

His 17th of April time falls under the aspect of Rabbit or Cat under the Chinese astrology. These creatures if they do not like some one, they will have a hard time tolerating them. Just consider that Prime Minister Howard was born 1939 – the year of the Rabbit.

But the real hidden mystery is that the 17th of April also falls under the aspect of {Ketu}.

The nature of {Ketu} of Senator Joyce is joining the already overpowering representation of personal natures which border on light and darkness. For details please read previous article about the Australian Liberal Party and watch how unpredictable events are appearing from the wisdom of the Australian Liberal Party with the threat that if one will vote such conglomeration of astrologically represented characters, one will for ever be threatened with instability.

If one forgets from week to week about the unpredictability of such nature, one will be cursed to live their unpredictability. Unbridled Senator Joyce is a deep embarrassment to the Australian Liberal Party by airing his economic credentials. Mr Abbott airing his view on the states of Heath and Hospitals considering his attitude during his time as Minister of Heath. Maybe there is nothing wrong with that. However to call out the television stations while having a near accident on the Victorian country roads are tricks one would expect from one born under Ketu or Rahu

But as a reminder from previous article the people under similar aspects are:

  • Mr. Turnbull – Ketu – Liberal Member of the House of Representative
  • Mr. Minchen – Ketu – Leader of the Liberals in the Senate
  • Mr. Abbott – Rahu – Liberal Member of the House of Representatives
  • Dr. Nelson – Ketu – resigned ex- Leader of the Liberal opposition
  • Mrs. Mirabella – Rahu – Liberal Member of the House of Representatives

Ah, and to find out about the other aspect, the counter part of Ketu is available by clicking on the link = Rahu

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Sun & Moon

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The Gods Must be Crazy – The Australian Liberal Party

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After a successful prediction of the Obama election for the presidency of the U.S.A. some months before the actual event and accurately describing the reasons why John McCain and Sarah Palin were not successful in the running for the presidency – and the reasons for their vulnerability on the election trail – I think it is time to turn to the Australian political-terrain and evaluate the obvious characters who fit into this series I started based on the film: “The Gods Must be Crazy.”

This image below


will be used to simplify complex explanations. The interaction of elements is not readily understood by everybody instantly. If one allows intuitive perception, when water is combined with fire one realises empirically that fire will be subdued. Note the red coloured arrow inside the decagon, travelling from Fire element to Water element. You will discover how Fire will give away power to Water. In an  other situation, Fire will consume Wood and grow in energy – ( see the green arrow just above the word ‘Elements.’ )

The ‘Elements’ diagram can be accessed by pressing on this tilted square where ever it appears. There is a natural progression described by the arrows on the outside of the decagon and the lines inside it describe disadvantageous associations.

Ignoring such elemental interactions is not wise and may result in courting an inevitable peril. The way to avoid problems is to understand how the elements are interacting.

Please read the article “Is America Courting the Abyss?” – and pay particular attention to the last few paragraphs. That article was written months before the US elections. The influence of the elemental effects described by the Chinese Astrology are detailed there also for better understanding.

The last feature – before engaging in an intermixing of the combinations of elements and zodiac aspects is the two complex Vedic Astrological aspects of Rahu and Ketu.

My first list will be of those political characters who are falling under the influence of Rahu or Ketu. These individuals ( according to the Vedic Astrology ) are living on the edge of lunar or solar eclipse ( as described under Rahu and Ketu ) and as a result are effected by the qualities of any eclipse, which is light and shade. A generalisation here applicable is that individuals under such effects are just as bright as dark in an unpredictable and in an unabated continuum of cycles during the whole of their life, unless they are altered in their nature by some cleansing trauma which transmutes their life energy.

This is the list:

  • Mr. Turnbull – Ketu – Liberal Member of the House of Representative
  • Mr. Minchen – Ketu – Leader of the Liberals in the Senate
  • Mr. Abbott – Rahu – Liberal Member of the House of Representatives
  • Dr. Nelson – Ketu – resigned ex- Leader of the Liberal opposition
  • Mrs. Mirabella – Rahu – Liberal Member of the House of Representatives

Understanding what Rahu and Ketu stands for and how the nature of people born under these aspects are living on the edge of light and shadow, it is a good way to realise why the present day Liberal Party is on the path of self destruction. These people ( to use a metaphor ) behave like popcorn in a saucepan. Why should anyone amaze themselves, if half of them pops out of the fry to cause havoc. These Ketu-Rahu characters have natures that assisted and supported the nature of Mr. Howard ( ex Prime Minister ) who was born in an Earth year and pressing the red diamond redirects to provide a visual how Fire helps Earth to be created.

However Fire characters under conditions where no Earth is to be created, are very destructive and they cut through issues, people, ideas indiscriminately. These characters have fuelled inside the party and created Mr. Howard to shine, because the fiery nature of such characters supported and provided energy to Howard’s own nature, while Howard’s presence ( as mother Earth ) utilised the destructive fuel inside the party and through him the party got grounded.

To be fair to Mr. Howard, he was just as unaware of the elemental influences as Mr. Turnbull and Mr.  Abbott is unaware at present, rushing forward to take, maintain or attain leadership. Influenced by Rahu Mr. Abbott jumping into a power vacuum, will destroy his own political future as his present leader, Mr Turnbull had disposed of Dr. Nelson who suffered under the effects of Ketu. The destruction of Mr. Turnbull’s future, is certain, he will never become the Prime Minister of this country, just like Mr Abbott has cast his luck to the wind by being able to turn from light to shade, thus committing political euthanasia. His manoeuvre in 2009 shows his lack of understanding about political refinement and he is acting as a ramrod.

I made this prediction at the time of the Oz-car debacle because Rahu and Ketu people are very seldom constructive for the common good. They need other ameliorating astrological aspects to enhance their erratic behaviour. Now in 2009 November the stifling effect of Howard managed to be released to the surface by revealing itself through the interaction of these Rahu-Ketu characters.

The idea in this article is to determine, which man should win to make a difference in the future of the Liberal Party and ultimately to Australia on the basis of astrological remote-viewing. Like in the case of the U.S.A. elections, I would like to establish a scientific way to evaluate the energies which are available to people, but inadequate understanding has pushed such very valuable sciences of old-style wisdom in the ‘backwaters’ of human awareness and the witch-hunters who dominated the world for many decades, should yield to scientific principles, which are defined: if something can be predicted it must be acting according to scientific laws if such prediction can be repeated again and again.

My focus will be on Mr. Malcolm Turnbull. Please do not misunderstand me. Mr.Turnbull is not crazy. The title of the series is referring to those people or conditions which create a situation where one must exclaim – ‘the Gods must be crazy.’ People affected by the Crazy Gods seem to breathe a different air and the conditions they manage are so muddled that nothing makes sense for earthbound human beings. A vision, if analysed through old fashion strategies – like astrology – and looking through an abstract set of glasses ( remote viewing ) one may come to the conclusion that the Gods who are in charge of these people are mischievously uncontrolled. When the man in the Kalahari Desert, who lives a natural, uncomplicated, un-“over-constructed” life style, receives a Coca Cola bottle onto the land – chucked out through the window of an airplane – it becomes the messenger of the Crazy Gods.

In the case of the Australian Liberal Party, there is or was not ever a Coca Cola bottle, but something which has subdued the appearance of a bottle. His name is John Howard ex-Prime Minister. His presence has stopped the bottle appearing and his departure has created an invisible bottle which is affecting those who do not understand that they are manipulated by Crazy Gods of politics.

So let us take a look at the Leader of the Parliamentary Liberal Party: Mr.Turnbull.

He is the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian Federal Government. Born 24 October 1954 ( years ending in 4 or 5 are Wood element nature ). The Year of the Horse is represented by Fire element in Chinese Astrology. His lunar date of 24 October falls within the Rooster nature which is characterised by metal element-nature. His Vedic Astrology aspect is Magha ( represented by a male rat ) under Ketu.

Mr Turnbull born in a wood year and under the sign of Horse means the Wood-element is his birth-right and his head-strong Horse nature is sustained and allows to dominate because of the assistance of Wood energy. Needless to say, Horse nature people in Chinese Astrology are self centred and unbridled creatures. In many regards this combination gives him an advantage as a silver spoon would give advantage to a noble child.

24 October is falling in Rooster nature, governed by metal. This suggests that Mr Turnbull is able to shape his own destiny ( the wood year 1954 ) through his connections. Lunar aspects indicate personal connections. But at the same time he is disadvantaged in his run as a Horse nature person, because his Fire qualities melt metal – which are his personal connections. Simply he is his own worst enemy when one counts his connections with others. Added to this elemental-examination, the fact that he is driven by Rooster nature makes him a very sharp eyed, fly in your face, territorially dominant, fly to the rooftop character and full of showy feathers. To summarise: Wood year – Horse zodiac. Wood year in a Fire zodiac creates a naturally lucky life because Wood fuels Fire. Lunar Rooster governed by metal influences and advantages his choice of acquaintances and makes him someone who is a social climber. However his metal nature and benefits are destroyed by his fiery Horse nature. His critical Rooster lunar zodiac makes difficult for others to live with this fiery, self propelled, unbridled success-hunter.

Mr Tony Abbott’s details are: born 1957 ( a Fire year ) under the zodiac of Rooster with metal characteristics – his lunar details: 4 November is under the aspect of Rooster with metal characteristics also and finally in Vedic Astrology he is related to Swati ( bull buffalo ) – Rahu. The easiest comment first which is a relationship between a Rahu ( Abbott ) and a Ketu ( Turnbull ). The simple fact is that their compatibility is defined on this level ( general ) as 30% and Spiritual compatibility 0%. Rahu affects the present. It would not take a Nobel Prize scientist to suggest that Mr. Abbott, affected by the presence of Rahu is badly miscalculating by placing his name for election as leader of the Liberal Party.

But wait, there is more. His Fire year, contrary to Mr. Turnbull is not a silver spoon in his mouth, but best described as the spoon being taken out of his mouth because Fire is the worst element to be in combination with metal because Fire melts metal. Considering that Rooster is his zodiac on both his personal and relationship level, Mr Abbott would be best described as a person with whom one could not live long without a controversy, because he is the epitome of criticism. Rooster is secretive, sharp eyed and as described in the case of Mr. Turnbull: his critical Rooster lunar zodiac makes difficult for others to live with this fiery, self propelled, unbridled success-hunter.

The general relationship between Messrs. Turnbull and Abbott ( as it was between Dr. Nelson and Turnbull ) a cock fight. People born in the Rooster year forget very little and are very difficult to live with. As a final prediction, Mr. Abbott will not make a Prime Minister either. This stroke of misplaced loyalty will make him an unwanted character in the Liberal Party and he will outlive his usefulness as a battering ram, which Roosters are.

The next is Mr. Kevin James Andrews who put his hand up for the leadership of the Liberal Party. Born 1955 under the zodiac of Goat ( Earth ) – 9 November – Rooster – Vedic Astrology zodiac of Vishakha ( Male Tiger ). Needless to say, that Earth element in the year of Wood is as bad as being born with Earth Mother feelings and nature would overwhelm you with plants which suck all the energy out of you. Mr. Andrews is as lucky as is Mr. Abbott and that is not a recommendation for a leader who will be de-energised during his life by his Earth qualities devastated by plants sucking the life energy from it.  As for his Rooster nature, we already discussed in detail while dealing with Messrs. Turnbull and Abbott. That too is a negative criteria for this contestant.

But what about Mr. Joseph Benedict “Joe” Hockey who is asked to run against Mr. Turnbull. Born 1965 Snake – 2 August – Goat – In Vedic Astrology he is on the border of Pushia and Ashlesha ). As described earlier in the case of Mr. Tunbull; born in a Wood year and a Fire sign. He is born with advantages, so is Hockey born under favourable aspects. About the working relationship with Mr. Turnbull, Hockey will not be fazed and handles Horse with ease, after all both are Fire signs and if there is a contest between a Horse and a Snake, I put my money on the Snake.

On the personal relationship stake astrologically, Mr. Tunbull has the advantage against Mr. Hockey hands down. The Goat is an artistic sort and because of this, on a personal quality stakes will be ahead of the Rooster. People will prefer Goat by far. Mr. Hockey’s advantage rests in a good relationship with John Howard and his visit to the ex-Prime Minister – I hope – resulted in refusing to put up his name for election against Mr. Turnbull because if he is patient, he will acquire the same benefit as Prime Minister Rudd did by not jumping to attack Kim Beazley. Rudd was waiting until Beazley had fallen and then and only then he moved, thereby retaining his clean, untarnished image, by not looking greedy. If Hockey putts his name against Turnbull, he will suffer a setback for many years to come. He will be exposed to the possibility of being undermined for looking greedy.

Mr. Hockey, I advise you not to jump.

Another of Mr Turnbull’s attacker I found is Mrs. Mirabella, a Liberal Member of the House of Representatives and her birth qualifications are: born 1968 ( Earth year ), under the zodiac of Monkey, which is Metal quality and  27 October places her in a Rooster lunar quality. ) There is no trust between Monkey and Horse, which suggests that there is no love lost between Turnbull and Mirabella. Further, both being under the lunar aspect of Rooster, indicates an even greater opportunity for unsettled aggression of Rooster v. Rooster. The fact that Mirabella is under the Vedic Astrological aspect of Rahu, suggests the conditions I have described earlier between Turnbull and Abbott.

In conclusion, the attack on the Liberal Party by Mr. Turnbull, that they are betraying the Party is false because his decision to support the Labor Party without previous consultation is the same trick as what happened with Mark Latham in the Labour Party.  Mr. Turnbull now is using the same strategy to clobber his critics and he is not speaking about  his own skills ( which I believe are more like bullying his enemies ). His failure to help the Growth of the Liberal Party on the long run is pointed to by the Vedic Astrological sign of Ketu. While his removal would enhance the Liberal Party, it is not the correct time for Hockey to jump. It would be more correct to dismiss Mr. Turnbull first and after the deed to elect Mr. Hockey.

I believe, Mr. Hockey’s personal qualities are better suited to manage the traumatised party but not through the strategy of a coup.

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Sun & Moon

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