Hey hey it’s Saturday – Harry Connick Jr “blackface” incident.

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     Much had been said about the television-event “Hey hey it’s Saturday” in Australia. If the reader is interested, here ’tis the Youtube version of it. Click here to view.

     Let me place racist commentary and emotional hype on this issue aside for a moment and look for some other issues which may bear resemblance or can be considered in this instant.

     I would like to know the reason why Mr. Harry Connick Jr. or other American people or American race commentators are taking time off their work to involve themselves in an event that happened in Australia with a vigor as if the event happened on their own soil? It seems to me, that even if the issue was racist according to American mind set, the reunion of ‘Hey hey it’s Saturday’ should be under consideration first from local ethnic point of view. After understanding the rules which run the country, then maybe there is a right to make comments, but not before that. I say this because maybe the simple mindedness is the cause of the misunderstanding. However if I was more negative in my view about the world, I would consider the option that American Culture only recognizes itself as a standard and only if it desires to rise to the occasion.

     The recent practice that America goes around the world and imposes its own kind of morality on nations it is a bit too much. Just start with the news that emanates from media corporations who report in the US of A that there are people who would like to kill the Black President of their own country. Mind you the story is not just a whisper but stated in the open and clearly to be understood. O.K. Knowing Mr Murdoch and his dislike for the President Obama, this could be a call to arm to those who are yet in doubt weather Obama is fit to be the president, but even this does not constitute racism because President Obama is black. We do not have a K.K.K. but America does. Healthy white American supremacist male is racist because he has the guilty mind of judging one person to be lesser quality because of his say so. Australia votes its politicians out of office and there is no mention of assassinating them just because Australia detests them.

     Why is it that when the Australian Aboriginal dance-group ( click here ) performed the Zorba dance on YouTube, they had an overwhelming rise in the number of invitations ( starting with the Greeks if I am correct ) to perform their dance. They had over 1 and a half million hits while the Hey hey YouTube had a meagre one hundred thousand. The leading man in the Yolngu dance group painted himself white, the same way the doctor in ‘Hey hey it’s Saturday’ did. The rest of the black fellas ( fellows ) were as themselves. Now if one may speculate about the reasons an indigenous person would paint himself white in this instance is that he wishes to identify with what he or she represents because when Aboriginal people dance, they mime the animal they dance. No racism here. The rest keeping their colour may speak about the very desire of their mob in the dance to accept and to participate.

     My point here is that just because a person appears with a black face, may not constitute racism. It takes a bit more than that. The test of racism is also the consideration of all the accoutrements which are involved in the act. Just looking at an Aboriginal person painted white does not constitute racism. Why is the simple mindedness of a foreign commentator¬† the judgment of America? Perhaps because the American view is so narrow that does not allow imperceptible differences which makes the Australian proud to have as a talent.

     Australian humour is defined by the ability to not take oneself seriously and reverse the meaning of things. What this means that if someone is short, his nickname will be big fella or if he is tall, his nick name will be Shorty. The film “Crocodile Dundee” see it here features the actor Paul Hogan with painted face in Aboriginal style ( at about the 30 second mark into the film and also at the 2:28 mark ).

     Why then Mr. Harry Connick Jr. failed to promote racist Australia and drew no surge of agreement from the Australian population and only some people in America gasped with false puritanism? There is no act, other than blackening faces, which proved to the simple minded American the idea of racism. The complex thinking Australians had taken the issue for what it was, an Australian humour about the past and transposed in the present.

     I am sorry that people did not depart from their kind heated Australian nature and tell Mr. Harry Connick Jr. where to get off. What Mr. Harry Connick Jr. saw on that day was a simple, maybe badly performed skit. But don’t forget, Red Faces segment is and ever was composed of bad humour, which takes the high ground in “Hey hey it’s Saturday” . There are hundreds of acts in that segment which would be judged so bad that they should not be shown outside ‘Red Faces.’ But that does not make racism stick. Racism requires a guilty mind. Those doctors who took time off to have fun would not even dream of the ‘guilty mind’ about their performance. Racism is not a fact. Racism is a state of mind and Mr Harry Connick Jr. has an American mind in Australia. Not enough to call him racist or calling me racist for evaluating that Mr Harry Connick Jr. maybe wrong in his evaluation in harmony with all the American commentators after the fact. Shame on you America for trying to dirty the Australian humour.

     What ( I think ) happened in Australia on the day when Mr. Harry Connick Jr. stood up is the shaming of all Americans about who they still are, the simple minded viewers of the colour on a white skin. The sickness which is brought forward in a book called “The Asian Mind Game,” only the white Anglo-Saxon population considered racism at the expression: “He is a China man.” The Chinese fellow is quite proud to be a man from China and be called China Man because that is exactly how it translates into English namely Tzung wuo rin ( Tzung wuo=China Rin=man ). Only the simple minded Anglo-Saxon culture that has a single-issue focal point at a complex story.

     Americans are still the people who resolve all conflicts with the gun, blowing up countries who’s people have nothing but sandals to walk on and able to belittle the might of all the American Army because their mind is free and not bonded to the Amerindian murders and business hypocrisy as we have seen recently. They do not follow the W. Bush dictum that all who defend their country from intruders are terrorists.

     My advice to Mr. Harry Connick Jr. is to apologize for his act to belittle another nation because that nation does not think like his kind does. In fact I do not know anyone who likes atrocious American sitcoms whose humour is closer to the gutter than the Australian mind is to racism. Yes I admit there are racists in Australia, but those who can laugh at themselves as the ‘Hey hey it’s Saturday” crew does I am afraid just proves that American humour is at a level with Neanderthal times ( if that is no insult to the Neanderthal people who we discovered were very gentle-kind of creatures and not at all as they are condemned in American humour. )

     So Mr. Harry Connick Jr. take your travel bags and learn about Australia’s way of thinking before you are revealed as an ill considered and manner lacking critic. Attack is not a truth. Truth must be proven. Calling a white fella with black face is not proof of racism. It is just a statement of fact. The statement of racism about Australian humour was a statement by a misguided white American.

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The Gods Must Be Crazy (part 1) American Moral Impotency

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Greetings to all because I just walked in from the cold. Remember the movie where the idea was put forward:”The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963)?” I walked in from the cold because for some time this site was mistreated by an unparalleled bad American behaviour which, when someone encounters in everyday life will make people lift their eyes to the heavens and utter the famous words: “Only in America.”

Well, I was in the cold on the account of the American Sickness: an inability to understand that some things are just not done in other cultures or to other cultures and the inability to understand this simple point makes the American Nation disliked around the world. Especially in business one keeps their integrity because of the need for co-operation with differing people and life styles; you do not behave in a manner which places a mark or a sign on your back for all to see which reads: “Mongrel.” For most people, the word mongrel is not known or not used in polite or gentle company. But the real (fair dincum) character down-under in Australia does use it when a kangaroo court calls for such technical expression to make matters clear and I use it in this case for the same reason: there is no better or more fitting expression (God bless the kangaroo-court advocates’ soul) than mongrel to describe what happened to me.

The issue is that through a technical hitch, my website was not paid automatically because a reminder email; to advise for renewal payment was sent to an inactive email address. The law however states that one has a month grace after the payment if the renewal lapsed and till then the site is held in abeyance inactive.

To everybody’s surprise a new age breed of American Internet goon, who also acts as a registrar for site names used or allowed the name of my site to be used for their purposes. They have redirected the search engines to their site with some sick content. The name of this (my) site is under copyright protection in America and the rest of the world and they redirected to address of this site to a fictitious site to gain money (from ad cents) and benefited from the traffic arriving to the site and also had a link with the name of my site on display, abusing further my site other than using the banner name illegally. They made money while committed an illegal act called conversion in English speaking countries or as Google put it “… fraudulent activity suspicion.” “Conversion” is an act in a legal domain called “Torts” and refers to someone taking privilege with another person’s goods (property) in an unlawful manner.

The offender is identified in a Google search-engine with the following words: NuSeek.com – Site is down because of fraudulent activity suspicions.” Not only this site had converted the name of my site for their use but also exposed my site to be accused of fraudulent activity by using it in a manner it was not designed for nor had in the past acted that would attract the denigration of being fraudulent. If you look carefully on the left hand side (in the image below), the name of my site appears again as a link. When one clicked on it, the redirect was to some advertising sites for all kind of garbage.” The image below is not active link so it will not react if one clicks on it.

Not only that they used the name of my site but they also used the site’s good reputation and high rating for visitors so they can line their pocket with ill gained profit.

This what I mean when I maintain that “American Moral Impotency” is pervasive. Such lack of morality is used in the banking practices in America which is now bringing the whole world to its knees. The banks distribute the community dollar to the high flyer’s as wages rises.

So you may wonder where the word “impotency” comes in. Perhaps this word made no impact in meaning. Impotent people are unable to procreate. That is the curse of the United States of America. They are unable to recreate themselves in the world successfully. No real people would be willing to engage with minds that rest behind the mask denoted as AN AMERICAN. Not all but the ones I refer to as “an American.”

The sickness of smash grab it and run is what I am describing here and reminds me of o joke a Jewish solicitor told me. I forgot the joke, but I did not forget that he spoke of a firm of solicitors who had the Corporate name of “Smash, Grabbit & Runn.”

Hijack memory

So what is the moral and the point to this story other than venting personal displeasure with what happened? Perhaps it is good to remember the saying: “Don’t sleep with mongrels, you will have flees in the morning.”

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