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Let me MAKE A PREDICTION. As the world opinion has reduced the United States of America to the most hated nation as a result of the Middle East wars, now America upgraded herself to be the untrustworthy whore of the world and not the defender of the world (through her actions related to WikiLeaks). The modern American state is identical to the Chinese totalitarian regime of today. America is no longer the land of the free in the international eyes or the eyes of a private person. America can not exist without a war and now that she lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, she is turning onto herself and her citizens and the citizens of the world. The final development of the political cancer has started. My son is an American citizen. I refused to talk to him. He defends the American criminal mind. America will not recover from this disgusting KKK (Ku Klux Klan) attitude. Assassinate the man who done no more than any magazine which is prepared to publish disclosures? Is this a solution America? Next… America… like the Gestapo and the KGB will assassinate people like me with a contrary opinion? Shame America, shame.

Please follow the URL below and consider filling in the details to lodge your objection. Please note there are different -tabs- you can look at: Defend WikiLeaks or Information or Action and Forward.

Also use the following URLs to get to mirror sites:


Before you decide to abandon your opinion, please remember: “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)”

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