The Gods Must Be Crazy (part 1) American Moral Impotency

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Greetings to all because I just walked in from the cold. Remember the movie where the idea was put forward:”The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963)?” I walked in from the cold because for some time this site was mistreated by an unparalleled bad American behaviour which, when someone encounters in everyday life will make people lift their eyes to the heavens and utter the famous words: “Only in America.”

Well, I was in the cold on the account of the American Sickness: an inability to understand that some things are just not done in other cultures or to other cultures and the inability to understand this simple point makes the American Nation disliked around the world. Especially in business one keeps their integrity because of the need for co-operation with differing people and life styles; you do not behave in a manner which places a mark or a sign on your back for all to see which reads: “Mongrel.” For most people, the word mongrel is not known or not used in polite or gentle company. But the real (fair dincum) character down-under in Australia does use it when a kangaroo court calls for such technical expression to make matters clear and I use it in this case for the same reason: there is no better or more fitting expression (God bless the kangaroo-court advocates’ soul) than mongrel to describe what happened to me.

The issue is that through a technical hitch, my website was not paid automatically because a reminder email; to advise for renewal payment was sent to an inactive email address. The law however states that one has a month grace after the payment if the renewal lapsed and till then the site is held in abeyance inactive.

To everybody’s surprise a new age breed of American Internet goon, who also acts as a registrar for site names used or allowed the name of my site to be used for their purposes. They have redirected the search engines to their site with some sick content. The name of this (my) site is under copyright protection in America and the rest of the world and they redirected to address of this site to a fictitious site to gain money (from ad cents) and benefited from the traffic arriving to the site and also had a link with the name of my site on display, abusing further my site other than using the banner name illegally. They made money while committed an illegal act called conversion in English speaking countries or as Google put it “… fraudulent activity suspicion.” “Conversion” is an act in a legal domain called “Torts” and refers to someone taking privilege with another person’s goods (property) in an unlawful manner.

The offender is identified in a Google search-engine with the following words: – Site is down because of fraudulent activity suspicions.” Not only this site had converted the name of my site for their use but also exposed my site to be accused of fraudulent activity by using it in a manner it was not designed for nor had in the past acted that would attract the denigration of being fraudulent. If you look carefully on the left hand side (in the image below), the name of my site appears again as a link. When one clicked on it, the redirect was to some advertising sites for all kind of garbage.” The image below is not active link so it will not react if one clicks on it.

Not only that they used the name of my site but they also used the site’s good reputation and high rating for visitors so they can line their pocket with ill gained profit.

This what I mean when I maintain that “American Moral Impotency” is pervasive. Such lack of morality is used in the banking practices in America which is now bringing the whole world to its knees. The banks distribute the community dollar to the high flyer’s as wages rises.

So you may wonder where the word “impotency” comes in. Perhaps this word made no impact in meaning. Impotent people are unable to procreate. That is the curse of the United States of America. They are unable to recreate themselves in the world successfully. No real people would be willing to engage with minds that rest behind the mask denoted as AN AMERICAN. Not all but the ones I refer to as “an American.”

The sickness of smash grab it and run is what I am describing here and reminds me of o joke a Jewish solicitor told me. I forgot the joke, but I did not forget that he spoke of a firm of solicitors who had the Corporate name of “Smash, Grabbit & Runn.”

Hijack memory

So what is the moral and the point to this story other than venting personal displeasure with what happened? Perhaps it is good to remember the saying: “Don’t sleep with mongrels, you will have flees in the morning.”

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