The Gods Must Be Crazy (introduction)

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I would like to apologise to anyone who is offended by this title. I acquired it from the movie called The Gods Must Be Crazy.

The short story of the movie: a Bushman of the Kalahari Desert, N!xau (played by Xi), found a coke bottle as he was having a walkabout in the dessert of the Kalahari. If you did not see the film, please use the YouTube link above to acquire an inkling of what the movie (part one) is about. A Coke bottle was chucked out the window of an aeroplane. N!xau thought, the Gods have sent it and therefore it must have some use. During the journey of the bottle, it becomes at first the centre of curiosity and interest in his community. Later it graduates to be the centre of evil and creator of conflicts.

I have chosen this title as a result of the world economic turmoil, the turmoil which is the social-tsunami we “had to have”. This monolithic wave was in the making since the late fifties. Most of my friends muttered under their breath decades ago: “this can’t go on without a disaster”.

When someone is in a railway tunnel, the light at the end of that tunnel is not always the light-of-day.

These are times when our human nature learns again, that young nations with young minds are really suckling babes in terms of culture. They are unable to say no to those things which a wise consideration will not touch. Having a national leader with a juvenile mind is augmenting insanity. He attained respect not because he is a competent leader of that nation but because the office he is holding makes him a pygmy with a machine gun. Such leaders are not the light-of-day at the end of the tunnel but the train hurdling toward the people who huddle together in the tunnel. They are praying for a miracle to take them out of their entrapment, so they can stop sacrificing their children on the altar of disinformation. The beast in the tunnel is squashing everything in front of it to run people over so it can get too the light of day at the other end of the tunnel, so it can bathe in it under false pretences.

I suspect we are still in front of a train which is unable to stop. Why? Because we are still using the money, milked from the people, to prop up industries which, under the rules of the free market, should die. The world acquired nationalised banking just like the Comunist World did.

This is the wages for the modern man for the ill considered mistakes of their leaders who view the world from a limited prospective of acquisition at all cost. The wages people pay for insanity are the blood and substance of the nation. Some people turned homeless and have abandoned their children. This is the beginning of abandoning to be a human and the beginning of turning into an animal. The only catch-cry is survival, where morality is thrown out the window; like a Coke bottle. The abandonment of human qualities are the next steps toward total meltdown of a previously great society, unless that society divests itself from attitudes promoting nothing but business and stop being politically correct.

I developed a connection with the bushman of the Kalahari Desert, and the connection grew in me after meditation when I realised I have a kindred spirit with the character in the movie. I remembered the story, searching for solutions like he did, about what is happening to the world, and what were the achievements man has made thus far and how those achievements will save us? Technology will not save, we already know that some technology progress only manages to increase the flow of money. What we need to create is a bridled control of our excesses, because that is what got us into the mess in the first place. China for many years undermined the world by artificially withholding the rise of their currency while working itself into a manufacturing giant.

I was ready to consider, where is our next stop. Where is that place where we re-assess our steps for the future? To use the aid of a simple man, to make sense of the turmoil, which is overshadowing our world? I thought this return to old fashioned wisdom would be the best process in order to escape disaster, because our normal life is so severely contrived that nothing is simple. Humans on this globe have been blended for some time now into a homogenous smoothie, where nothing stands out and all is blended into one. Our world best practice has killed all our honourable heros.

The speed, with which the down-turn progressed, seems instant just like the Coke bottle which was chucked out through the window of the aeroplane in the movie. The speed of the two events is identical. The bushman struggled to make sense of his encounter which had its origins outside his everyday life. He had to use all his skills and cunning, his senses, which served him in the past, to reconcile the new unknown object in his life, with the understanding he had built up about it. I am also struggling to understand the new world into which we changed.

I began to feel the mind of the man from the Kalahari growing in my own mind because the environment around me suddenly and intimately became interconnected with George W. Bush, who was the bottle out of the sky, thrown down by gods who must be crazy. I also discovered the proverbial Coke Bottle when I heard that President George W. Bush is going to chair the G20 economic summit and make further contributions to the already devastated economy of the world and the American Economy by promoting the same practice over and over again.

Sorry… Take two….

The world’s most hated President at the end of his destructive life-span as a president is given another bite at the cherry by heading the worlds economic summit where he is again promoting the free market which has nearly destroyed his country and placed the world at the brink of an economic and unrecoverable disaster.

How dumb is that?

It is not that George Bush is hated; it is that a calamity was unleashed on the rest of the world because the world is inevitably interconnected with the American dollar, which should be renamed from the green-back to the red-back. It is dangerous to be around, like a red-back spider. It is deadly if it bites you. George Bush was the driver, holding onto the steering wheel of the bus, which had its destination into the hell-hole of Afghanistan and Baghdad, pre-booked by Osama bin Ladin who knew the Bushmentality of personal revenge, and he made certain that Bush would drive the bus off the road in Asia. Israel cannot understand that the greatest nation ever can be reduced to a knee crawling magul by ants. In the H. G. Wells’s story “War of the Worlds” The Martians were destroyed by bacteria.

Australia has become famous again because our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, supposedly was asked by President Bush, “what is the G20?” Consider, that for a long time I have reminded people that President Bush was born in a fire year and that Bush has no concern about what his torch is scorching because it is his nature to burn through obstacles. He must be a student of Tacitus, who believed, there is no glory in a peaceful empire. The Roman Empire has collapsed some four hundred years after Tacitus, so Bush has improved on Tacitus. It took him only eight years to destroy the American empire. He is also unaware of economics as I am unaware about the life of an otter in the wild countryside of America.

Is it good for the world that the most powerful man in the world lacks economic understanding, while the rest are desperate to find answers for the ills of the world’s economy, which was hastened by an incompetent president? Obviously it must be good because all great corporation and their CEOs want to carry on the same way as they have in the past, by demanding millions of dollars for their. All these bright people forget the proverb: “If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.”


In my desert world of compassionless society, the “world leaders” are the crazy gods: powerful, protected and unelected. They run their “tyre tracts” across people’s lives, disregarding all who they roll under their tyres as if it is their “right-to-behave-as-they-will.” They have no policy to resolve the problem so long as there is indiscriminate growth. They act contrary to all the laws of God known to mankind.

Now we, the twenty-first century inhabitants of western culture are the recipients of a gift. This gift is our alarm clock, ready to awaken us from a long and deep ’sleep-in.’ This wakening is in the beginning of the greatest upheaval the world economy. It has yet not fully developed or unveiled before us.

What are the laws known to mankind which God provided for us?

1. There is only sufficient life-support on the planet to sustain life and not to be abused for indefinite growth.

2. Ignoring the above rule creates extinction. Just look at the disappearing animal and plant species.

3. Having a dollar, you only can buy a dollar’s worth. No more.

In the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” N!xau is a simple, down to earth native of the land, who observes how the world works. He watches the seasons and the signs which disclose danger. He is very closely attuned to his environment. His survival depends on his awareness. He is the barometer of his world. He looks for all the little signs which will enhance his survival. His mind bends with the agility of a high-wire performer, who secures his work place. He is able to take his steps to cross the abyss with the confidence of a brave who has considered all dangers and took care not to have disasters.

When the Coke bottle falls out of the sky, N!xau tries to find ways to fit the object into the workings of his world. He fails each time because the bottle is not suitable for any purpose which ensures a good outcome in his world. The object found does not help him in any of his activities in the long run, because the object does not belong in his world. It is an outside influence, destroying the fabric of his society. When it does not work, he has to abandon a useless endeavour and has to discard the magic object despite its being useful in some parts, because it creates mischief at the same time.

Am I unfair to wonder about the sanity of the gods which rule the modern world, or is it the free will given by the gods that created a crazy American President? Or was it the people who voted him into office from the beginning, because they followed some crazy law of a God, destined to ruin the world?

Mercilessly, I would like to judge the thinking of modern advisers. The speeches I hear say: the stock-market will pick up eventually and we only see a glitch right now so talk up the positive side of the disaster. They say the past proved that this cycle changes over the years and the good time will come back again. I am sorry to inform these thinkers that they are as crazy as the gods who throw bottles out the window because good times do come back, but those who lost their money in the financial tsunami are unable to appreciate those recoveries. They are ultimately left behind. I would like to see the statistics of loses and not the climbs in the corridors of the stock market.

The very power of recovery which is needed for growth is not an option, because we have no oil to transform into work energy as we had in the past. The energy required to make the old economy fly like a bird is no longer available. Most energy and creativity is restricted to create other power sources and that is not production. That is working for survival. We have, on the other hand, intense growth in weather calamities. That means in economic terms, we are having an inflation of weather deformation which cannot be controlled with cutting interest rates. There will be no growth because the plants of the future providing food are already the legal property of large companies. Our health can not cope with the kind of life we live, or the toxic foods we develop. We are having extreme increase of ill health, be that physical or mental.

Growth is not available in the same way as when all the Indians were killed and the slaves have collected the cotton. The land acquired was and is abused without impunity. The canaries in the mines are no longer having difficulty breathing. They have already fallen off the perch. It is time for the miners to leave, abandon work and go to safety. Canaries are not the cause of the bad news; they are the messengers of it. They are the evidence of bad news which is undeniable. The world has endeared itself this far with crap-items. We purchased out ourselves for the next half a century. The morality of toxic food production and work ethics is not sustainable or desirable in the future world.

The next stage of development for the world is on the edge of the abyss. The “growth” we fail to notice is backwards (down the hill which we have just climbed) because we can not create with the same speed as we did before. President Bush’s unrestricted trade-practices are the same folly as the other great disasters men have created for themselves; Napoleon and Hitler just to name a few. Both of these crazy gods have engaged in wars (or encounters if you please) outside their safety limits. The supply line to achieve world domination has extended beyond safe return. Besides the war on terror there is nothing more than the Third Reich’s army, struggling against the partisans of the day. America has suffered a moral devastation like all other war-makers. America at the moment is morally and financially bankrupt.

In the last decade, the proud nation which had the distinction that everybody liked it, recently has sunk below respectable levels. In fact the people of nations are despising the American model. The modern business must travel far from home to count itself viable. When we speak about making inroads into virgin market territories may sound good but it is a fallacy because this migration speaks not of development but the postponement of economic downturn in the ultimate. What this means is that the local destruction went so far and so deep that we need new territory to sell wares; like China. This removal of work-power form home is no different to when one takes their armies far away and have supply problems as the two crazy gods mentioned before. The Romas exported their practices and failed. The British have done the same and failed, so did Germany and Spain. They too failed!

The mechanical world is in its last struggle. To be precise it is in a death struggle. If the reader has followed my elemental-astrology and understands the interaction of elements, would understand that the two Earth years of 2008 and 2009 are followed by two Metal Years of 2010 and 2011. The real collapse resulting from the slashing of the sword (representing metal years) will then be realised. The petrol shortage and credit crisis from 1972 followed by each decade after metal years (198219922002) where financial destabilisation times. The warnings were and are ignored because “no same business tycoon would listen to these kinds of astrological analyses.” These earth years were the introductory trembling of financial collapse to follow and we are witnessing the preparations for it now. The inflation of acquire now pay-later, so long as you buy-now, is not just taking hold but taking shape fast and it is an aggressive way to create a credit crisis. The companies like Harvey Norman in Australia advertising 20 months credit are unable to understand that we do not know what happens in a day never mind what may happen in a dream-time 20 months hence!!!!

Alvin Toffler’s: “Future Shock” is here. Buy the book!!!!

Learn to survive. Don’t buy a bookmark. Make one. Don’t buy a shirt, make one. Be proud about what you can do and not what you can buy. Small business is the only sustainable feature for the future. Those big business gods who (as I see it … are crazy) desire to return to the way it was are the grave diggers of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The barons, lords and prices in the past had to go because of their gathering of money and power. The barons of modern board-rooms also must go. The sickness of high wages unreasonably earned, must go or we are justifying our future-downfalls by ignorance. The only safe way is to have an equitable society where the level of well being is near equal to all. That way there is no envy.

Our decisions in the future will be like the industrial revolution, but in reverse and my contribution is to offer a way proven through observation of past history. We never had democracy and maybe the Greeks didn’t either if you look back deep enough. Democracy is not based on: “I do what I like, because I can.” That is open ended market, that is a poker game. Democracy is based on empathy, self restrictions and the predominance of the community of carers. That is also a thing we lost long time ago when we sold our assets like power, telecommunication and heath, because the unrestricted crazy gods demanded free range on their playground. I am sorry but in times like this we discover that the gods are crazy. The man in the Kalahari Dessert found out when he couldn’t make head or tail of events in his life.

These “articles of meditation,” are free of charge. They are testimonies about the accuracy of ancient wisdom as interpreted with present day wisdom. At this stage, the theme of: “The Gods Must Be Crazy” is the first in a line of articles dwelling into the future.

In closing, I asked a friend for his thoughts on the solution to this present economic turmoil. His replied came without hesitation. He said: “We need a messiah.”

Maybe “Dada” Barack will fit the bill to save the world of economic indulgence. He soared into office by the people of the world, holding hope for his election, but then, so was Bush growing out of the same people. He did not have the world behind him. We all understand Bush is a different timber (with all the pun intended) because only the Americans voted for him while the world refused to consider him eligible. I have the feeling Obama may just do for a messiah. I have no other choice at the moment and he emerges like a thief in the night. I look at him through the lenses of my skill, astrology.

Oh by the way, don’t forget, I called him “Dada” first. It is not a perfect name before we learn to know him, but will do as a credit-note for the time being.

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Would the real Mr McCain please stand up.

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The nature of Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology is dynamic. In both disciplines one should look how narratives reveal the nature of the observed individuals and not what is happening in one’s mind. Don’t focus on the what, but on the how. The story-telling in these systems of astrology is not about the angles, planets or conjunctions. The focus should be on the living nature of the observations. For best results (if something appears confusing) in interpreting readings, just check the thinking processes. Redirect your analysis to interpret the informations provided in a narrative or in a “living way.” To enhance understanding of what is being involved, think like a tracker. Discover events through invisible footprints by using a ‘second attention,’ an awareness through behaviour. This style of observing is not that of a clairvoyant (subliminal vision) but the style of an unimpeded observer of nature.

I described the battle raging in America between Barack Obama and John McCain, with a casual look at Sarah Palin and Joe Biden (see other postings in: Recent Posts). I have predicted accuratly the rise and fall in popularity of Sarah Palin way back on the 17th of September 2008 in the article: “Is America courting the Abyss ?” Also described the fall of Senator McCain’s popularity in the final days before the election, and why Hilary lost to Obama. I have explained that Mr Greenspan, President George W Bush and Senator McCain were all born in fire-years (as described by the Chinese Astrology) which endows them with a rather destructive force, if applied negatively. They all were born in a year ending with numeral 6 indicating active fire-years.

Fire nature is the most powerful element having an active-nature, which respects nothing or very little. Fire burns through objects without concern what collateral damage it inflicts through its action. The one person who doesn’t appear as a fire year person is Ex-president Clinton. Yet he shares the fire-year character with the men listed above. He too was born in 1946, like President Bush. Those Americans who suffered the Lewinsky affair would understand the fire element in Clinton’s personality, especially if you look at Lewinsky’s birth year of 1973. 1973 is under the influence of passive water-year and it quenched Clinton’s fire-energy, though not enough to snuff him permanently.

Before the candidates are elected in the active 2008 earth year, I would like to make an indirect observation about John McCain, so America will have an inkling who they are voting for. I conclude with McCain because there maybe few people who will be influenced by my lines and migrate to the Obama camp.

The data available on Mr John McCain is the biography details available on the NET: Born 1936 August 29. In my experience not one astrology is sufficient to fully dissect an individual. That is why I am using  Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology.

The 2008 forecast in the Presidential elections:

Senator John McCain has advanced skills of cunning. No wonder, you heard the expression cunning as a Rat? He overcame all other Republican challengers during the primaries 2008, then sustained himself during the tornado of Sarah Palin and finally earned the respect of many “white American” folk, while the Obama  camp was exposed to claims that he is a Muslim, a man promoting taxes and other claims. McCain has a deep appeal to some white folk who are unable to live in a society where they are not the only inhabitants.

I suppose there are some who need convincing in depth. That is the reason I am making the evaluation with the aid of astrology and to test the accuracy of my analysis, freely and in advance. I feel even the stock market down-turn entered on the scene to harm Senator McCain…. as if God has elected him to suffer during his life: like in his captivity.

1936 is an active fire year. What does this mean in general? The active fire nature (1936) would be represented by burning wood.  People born under the sign of Red Rat have expressiveness, aggressiveness, leadership, passion and an unlimited source of energy. If this surge of energy started with excessive power and exuberance, may prove to inflict a toll on the individual born under these conditions and their effort usually finishes with a whimper. If Rat is born in the fire-year, it exhibits excessive energy which may appear as lack of discipline. Red Rat makes decisions on events which may not allow it to perceive the real workings in the background and becomes prone to mistaken judgement.

There is very little Rat is afraid of and the old folk story makes it clear. When Buddha called the animals, the Ox was the first who went to greet the Buddha. Rat asked Ox if he can ride on Ox’s head because he was little, weigh hardly anything. The obliging Ox agreed to help Rat. Just before they arrived to see the Buddha, Rat jumped off and run first to encounter the Buddha. That is the reason for Rat being the first animal in the zodiac cycle. Rat is directly blunt in his address to others and very verbal in ideas.

There are other hindrances in Senator McCain’s life. The Rat year in which he was born has the element of water as an element representing the Rat zodiac. This combination has a negative effect on the Fire year. By being in an earth-year in 2008, Senator McCain’s water governed Rat zodiac is disadvantaged because water dissipates into the earth unnoticed. So does Senator McCain’s power dissipates during the election process.

Look at the difference in the advertising money collected by the candidates and how the McCain war chest lost power because of his inappropriate decision to reject public money to finance his campaign. In simple terms this suggests that Senator McCain’s actions diminish his effectiveness because of his own personal attributes. Driven by water under the influence of Rat, he is disadvantaged in earnest in earth year. Senator McCain in other words is his own worst enemy and if he wins, you can take it for granted the election is not kosher.

August 29 falls under the influence of a Goat-moon in the Chinese astrology. This, again places McCain in conflict with himself, because Rat’s element water and Goat’s earth element conflict like the year 2008. This means that McCain’s personal qualities are effected detrimentally and are jeopardised by the conflicting energies around him. He is not able to maintain a strong presence because the water element of Rat is dissipated in the Goat’s earth-quality and affecting his own progress during a fire year. Perhaps this can be expressed in practical terms where he decided to acquire Sarah Palin as a winning help. How detrimental that move has become? Goat has other disadvantages, in that it is not exactly a diplomat. Goat attacks the victim when he turns around and the Goat rams the unaware individual in the butt.

In Vedic astrology August 29 falls under the influence of Magha, represented by a male rat. There is nothing in common between a Magha and an Ashlesha (which is Obama). They are like  the combination of a red flag and a bull. They are unable to have anything in common, except conflict. Ashlesha, the male Cat – the character of Obama is a hunter and the other, Magha, the male Rat- the character of McCain is the hunted.

But there is something about the zodiac of Magha, which is definitely undesirable (from a safety point of view), to be the character of the President of the USA. In Indian (Vedic) astrology Magha’s star system is represented by the position of not one star but by the intimate combination of three celestial bodies, namely the Sun, Moon and the Earth. This combination is governed by “Ketu.” Magha therefore belongs between both, the light and dark forces. It also switches between them rapidity. Magha is energised by the past and it suggests that there is something more profound in the connection between Magha and other zodiacs or events than first appears in front of the observer.

To fully understand, here is an explanation how it works: if one can imagine the Earth being interposed between the Sun and the Moon, this will result in a near instant darkness created by the moon eclipse. As the planets move, the light will return. Magha is a representative of such sudden change between light and darkness.

Senator McCain is too mercurial. His mouth will create often a detrimental result around him and thus he may become the agent of provocation. It is unfortunate that his obstinacy during the Vietnam war now it is presented as a positive aspect. He may be a good man, looking after his comrades on the ground, but it is he who is falling into conflict first.

His Presidency will be represented by a quicksand like stronghold on recovery. He will look for events which will highlight his character, rather than act with humility and win the peace. He may continue the war which would exhaust the American purse beyond return. Sarah Palin is identical in desire to her leader and will continue the war while Americans suffer illnesses and homelessness at home after the credit crisis.

Obama will not create the separation of states in the union, but McCain will, because of the more and more depressing financial relationship in the American federation. In this manner his presidency will be reflecting discontent and not unity. His fire-year nature will not be different from those of the Bush years. After all they were both born in the same nature-year. The difference is that a Dog is stupid (the birth sign of President Bush), while the Rat is ambitious and too unpredictable.

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Would the real Mr Obama please stand up.

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The nature of Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology is dynamic. In both disciplines one should search for  how narratives reveal an individual’s behaviour and not what is happening with or to the individual. Don’t focus on the what happens to someone, but on the how does it happen, not unlike in the subject of the I Ching (or the Book of Changes). The story-telling in these systems is not about the angles, planets or conjunctions. The focus should be on the living natures of the observations. For best results in interpreting readings (if something appears confusing), just check the thinking processes and redirect your thinking to act in a narrative… in a “living way.” To enhance understanding think like a tracker. Discover events through invisible footprints by using a ‘second attention,’ an awareness through behaviour. This style of observing is not that of a clairvoyant (subliminal visions) but the style of a natural observer of nature. In my experience not one astrology is sufficient. That is why I am using  more than one astrology; Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology.

I have predicted the rise and fall in popularity of Sarah Palin on the 17th of September 2008 and unlike the American Press I did not call her a barracuda. Also, I have described the fall of Senator McCains’s popularity in the final days before the elections. I have explained that Mr Greenspan, President George W Bush and Mr McCain were born in a fire year (as described by the Chinese Astrology) which brings with them a rather destructive force. They all were born in a year ending with number 6 indicating that it is an active fire-year.

Fire is the most powerful element, which respects nothing or very little. The individual who does not fit the picture is Ex-president Clinton who shares the fire year character with the men listed above being born in 1946. Those inside America who suffered the Lewinsky affair would understand the fire element in Clinton especially if you look at Lewinsky’s birth year of 1973 which was a passive water-year and it quenched Clinton’s fire-energy.

Before either candidate is elected in an active 2008‘s earth year. I would like to make an indirect observation about Barack Obama, so America will have a hunch who they are voting for. I start with Obama because there are few people who may be influenced by my lines and migrate to the McCain camp.

The data available on Mr Barack Obama is the biography detailed on the NET: Born 1961 August 4.

The 2008 forecast in the Presidential elections:

Barack Obama has strategic skills, his language differs markedly form the language Senator McCain is promoting. He overcame Hilary Clinton’s challenge during the primaries 2008, then combated the tornado of Sarah Palin and finally earned the respect of many “white American” folk. The McCain camp had no vision and regressed to personal attacks. I do not understand what more people want from Obama! I suppose there are some who need convincing in depth, so that is the reason for the astrological evaluation here. I feel even the stock market down-turn has arrived to assist this candidate…. as if God himself has selected him to do a job and paves the way for him from his childhood till now and even created a credit crisis on Wall street to enhance Obama’s chances.

1961 is a passive metal year. What does this mean in general? The active metal nature (1960) would be represented by a sword, and the passive nature is represented by a kettle. Therefore people in passive metal year are not so much warriors as they are caterers to the world of people. People born under the sign of Silver Ox have righteousness, uprightness, determination in their character and can exhibit intense focusing on what is at the centre of their attention. Once Silver Ox dedicates him/herself to an issue, woe to those who get in the way. But this Ox born candidate also has a feminine nature. Not afraid to make certain that the truth is out and obviously presented. Financially not a bright spark in economic manipulation but Ox knows how to rope people, to get through the thickest problems. The year 2008 is most favoured for this Ox because 2008 is an earth year and earth brings forth metal, which is Barack Obama’s birth-year. The year of the Ox has earth as its own element so there is no conflict there.

August 4 falls under the moon of Horse. This places Obama in conflict with himself because Ox and Horse are not the best of friends, and also because the fire element of Horse is negating the energy of his birth year of metal 1961. So Obama behaves differently in public and in private. The energy of fire is creating earth and because of this, the earth sign of Ox is indirectly benefiting from horses unsettled nature and makes Ox a touch freer. Also the year energy is much greater than the moon influence.

In Vedic astrology August 4 is falling under the auspices of Ashlesha, represented by a male cat. The qualities of such astrological sign is a deep spiritual mind and spirit which gives an intense inner strength despite the outer lavish behaviour and above all the natives under this sign are appearing restless. This restlessness is nothing more then a very devoted search for answers. For those more versed in Vedic astrology, Obama’s guna triplicity is rajas on the physical level and Sattva on both mental and spiritual level. For the uninitiated, Rajas is a travel between real and abstract. Sattva is considered an attribute related to purity. The ultimate analysis would be to recommend people look beyond the restless need for discovery in Obama because one can trust that his intent is to get to the best answer.

The danger in Obama’s Presidency many consider the possibility of assassination. I do not believe that will happen, but I feel he will be unable to win a second term and that places him to exit in 2012. Mind you it may not be because there is a contender better than Obama. It is possible the integrity of the United States of America may not be what it is today. The year 2012 is a active water year which is in conflict with his lunar Horse character of fire and will suffer like Clinton with Lewinsky but not through the same kind of circumstances. Some personal matter will bring him unstuck in the year 2012.

His Presidency will be represented by a firm and solid stronghold on situations and he will be successful bringing the American Nation into respecting it in the word not in the manner the USA was respected during the Cold War where the USSR was considered evil and America was looking good as a result of comparing the two nations. President Barack Obama will bring the nation to be respected on its own merits, which at this stage is hard to imagine.

Finally, I do not believe Obama will be able to dissipate the negative emotions acquired during the Bush years and may not be able to cleanse the name of America during his presidency, but be it known his election will be concluded  in his favour because the whole world is behind his election, and behind the man.

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Mr Greenspan’s spade

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Edward R. Murrow I am not.  Even if Paul Revere (according to history) failed to ride in the night to warn about the British, I would like to take his place and shout as I ride across the American Nation: Wall Street is coming, Wall Street is coming.

I have a fascination for the power of proverbs. These small gems are “word-barricades,” used against adversaries like advertisers, real-estate agents and politicians. By using proverb-defence, the ship of one’s life, floating dangerously in choppy waters will not sink because wisdom-sayings remind us of self preservation practices. The same is applicable during financial wars. One learns routine in a defence system. One practices, and practices systematic habits ’til becomes second nature, so when the time comes for defence everybody acts automatically and without panic.

This is what is supposed to happen when you know what you are doing.

Mr Greenspan, you failed to introduce into your world a small proviso called caution. Below, in terms of astrology, I will explain why I perceive that you have acted according to your nature and not according to wisdom, thereby making you guilty of acting against the welfare of the country and should be punishable by law. My contribution to your ideology is the suggestion that you have ignored the most creative economic book written by  Schumacher called: “Small is Beautiful.”. America would be holding the gold and the rest of the world also would be peaceful and wouldn’t look like a house made of cards if you had read this classic. American readers should look at that book for self preservation.

So back to the title. Remember the proverb – “Call a spade a spade not a shovel?” Recent news about the testimony of Mr Greenspan reminded me of this proverb because that is the practice he is in. The process of disclosing to us what he has discovered about himself in recent months amounts to the meaning in the proverb. He says he is building spades (the active and sturdy character of a nation by manipulating interest rates) when in fact selling shovels (forgetting the nature of the money he is shaping through interest rates). The original proverb has a hidden meaning about honesty that you promote what you are claiming. My use of this proverb refers to the character and nature of his understanding about the meaning of his error. The character of money suddenly lost, its real nature through the manipulation of banks among each other became corrupted, so in fact made Mr Greenspan’s “adjusting the leavers” not-possible and his persistence that he was correct became a farce. His expert eye failed to see values called sub-prime. The very words trigger an alarm.

The present reality in a real world is counting down toward the “inflation of global warming.” Then the shortage and the lack of availability of gas will “exponentially inflate.” Large businesses will fall because the ground upon they are set is uncertain and will produce economic tsunamis when falter, like they have done now!!! That is also the future event on the world stage because one person’s greedy acquisition is someone else’s disaster. Failed ideologies have the only “infinite growth.”

As an analyst I ask myself if this is not another manufactured crisis to take our eyes off the Middle East as 9/11 took our eye off the Lebanon crisis? If it is I can add another inflation to the list: “the inflation of failure.”

Mr Greenspan, your predecessors in the management of America’s economy through Wall Street destroyed American family life in the last century. They had the courage to jump from the windows because of their ruined honour and the suffering they caused to millions of people. You on the other hand have the audacity to tell to the American people through your testimony that “ideology hampered good governance!!!” This is the testimony and the core of the illness that the American nation has. That is the testimony and the core of Zimbabwe and Mugabe, who has an ideology and has the governance that you had.

So what is the way one may reconstruct or reverse-engineer through astrological aspects why such character as Mr Greenspan should have been disregarded as an academic advisor on the ground of astrology. Also why we are adding to the future problems.

Mr Greenspan was born according to the records on March 6, 1926. The years ending in 6 are active fire years, such as 1926, 1936, …etc. People born during active fire years will not negotiate. They just burn through things like a welder’s torch. When that happens, all the materials will be fused together.

To give you a comparison, another character born in a 6 year is George W. Bush. He was born 1946. The similarity goes a bit further. Mr Greenspan’s sign is Tiger, while President Bush was born under the sign of Dog. Both are aggressive animal characters if born under the influence of fire and their aggression comes to the fore. Both attack and above all they are extremely compatible, so these two individuals placed together in a national scene create harmony between themselves and I wonder how much their combination has contributed to the present disharmony.

From a Vedic astrology point of view, Mr Greenspan is represented by the sign of a male Lion – Purve Bhadra. Again to make a comparison, Sarah Palin’s Vedic astrology places her in a female Lion zodiac – Dhanishta. In hindsight we may say, neither has sense for finances only hunting. Palin is able to spend on clothes (big time) and Mr Greenspan also spent big time because he also has a blind spot for cautious living.

The moon cycle under which Mr Greenspan was born is represented by Ox. This places him to be described as an iron fist in a velvet glove forging his will through all obstacles. This nature may be fitting a bulldozer, not a financier whose task is to have a near clairvoyant quality.

These articles I write so people will have a good understanding about the nature of the service we offer by analysing energy lines between people on the long run and therefore contributing to the understanding of how people related to each other. It is valuable for occasions where people desire to embark on projects and if nothing else will provide a lateral view, another way by which one can evaluate situations. For example, after looking at this analysis, do you think it is a good idea to attend the forum President Bush has called? I think not.

Finally the last birthday before America is choosing a president. Senator John McCain was born 29 August 1936. Can anyone see a pattern in here and why the ultimate push downhill for the American nation would be the election of Senator McCain as President?

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