Guide to the U.S. Economic Bedlam.

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I would like to apologise for the technical description in the beginning of this article because without it, it is difficult to explain the dilemma of the financial problem the world is facing properly. One needs to explain after all, how the evaluating-apparatus works. I will use ‘minimum-stress’ explanation and expand the description sufficiently so one is able to follow the argument at a complex level.

Evaluating how elements interrelate in the Chinese elemental system one needs to observe how the universe works around us through this system. Everything can be described through this system in the same manner as ‘real’ science can describe events and interactions. Good astrologers make predictions as accurately as the accuracy of the weather prediction. This system is fluid and can be used as one would use a ruler-in-the-mind to measure contingencies. This is the way we estimate chance-elements in a horse race or at the stock-market and ultimately how we estimate friends and enemies and marriage for that matter is just like this system. The Chinese elemental analysis is like the science of ecology. Ecologists look around in an observed place to discover what groups interact (animal, bacterial or plant) and how their relationship affects those observed.

Elements Reconcile

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The diagrams labeled “Elements” represent a complete set participating in the elemental cycle and how one element-nature follows the next step. The diagram depicts the simple interrelationships between the participating natures while the picture entitled “Reconciling” shows the complexities when one analyses an issue in detail or when matters get complex.

In the diagrams, the colour black represents = metal nature, blue represents = water nature, green represents = wood nature, red represents = fire nature and ochre represents = earth nature. The word element is not a very appropriate description. I like the word integrity because each element behaves exactly as one expects it to behave and thus its ‘integrity’ is preferred.

There are also two hues of each colour, representing active and passive natures. The blunted star tips (lightly coloured pentagons) represent yin or passive qualities, while the pointy ones with fullness of colour are representing yang or active qualities. The thin-lines with arrowheads (going from tip to tip and from one colour to another represent the interaction between the elements and the movement of energies. Their colour gives indication of the particular characteristics associated with them.

Elements Reconcile

Thus years 1940, 1950, 1960 etc., are active-metal or yang years and this is indicated with the numeral 0 in the pointy colour area, while 1941, 1951, 1961 are passive-metal years and the figure 1 indicates in the grey coloured pentagon the passive nature of the year. The same is applicable in the 1942, 1952, 1962 etc., years for active-water. Again the numeral 2 and the numeral 3 depict active and passive-water years respectively. The following colours are for: wood year (green), fire year (red) and earth year (ochre and yellow).

A comparison can be made between the Chinese system of elemental analysis and the United States financial crisis because the perfect system is a natural elemental cycle and provides a good counter point for an artificially created system. The convoluted – man made chaos of finance, shifting from here to there – is feeble. The elemental cycle on the contrary is perfect because it is like the water cycle or the  carbon dioxide cycle in real nature. A cycle which is naturally observed in nature and even in life there are cycles such that of a worm → pupa → butterfly → eggs → worm. Then the cycle repeats again.

Now we may be just ready to jump into the thick of the teetering financial world of the United States, which is either collecting a cold or it is having a serious bronchitis as a prelude to pneumonia.

Since the world finances have changed from a gold-based system (approx in 1950s) to an open ended system, puts the Chinese elemental integrity apart and separate from the nature of the US finance. The gold based system was harmonious with the Chinese elemental astrological system. Simply put, the maximum amount one could borrow was the amount of gold the country or individual possessed. No one could borrow beyond that and the value of gold was represented by the US greenback. So the financial system pre 1950s was closed just like the total availability of elements in nature are closed into the world we are living in. Maintaining it would have curtailed excesses, while the open system used it to liberate itself and to gather damage in its wake as it happens now.

Elements Reconcile

Though separate in principle the natural financial cycle and the artificial one – this divergence of the artificial financial systems from the Chinese or natural systems – may be used to unravel the understanding the American present financial illness. The closed system is the same as the Gaia principle which was abandoned by the high-flying executives because they could not do what was incorrect on the long run. Now she (Gaia) demands attention through the natural turmoil which creates bigger and bigger disasters because there was no respect for her.

The American financial system at the moment is trying to maintain the illusion of ‘all’s well if we just pass the laws.’ If they bail out the institutions and their loss, they have only fixed the leaky boat. I am afraid now it is time to consider not a boat but the Titanic. That majestic traveller of the sea (Titanic) also had a leak. The problem was the complications about an inability to keep the water out of the hull. A nightmare, which like the sword of Democles hangs over the head of the American Legislators.

What enables man to know anything at all about the world around him?Knowing demands the organ fitted to the object’, said Plotinus (d. A.D. 270). To have the right organ fitted for the job, observe the diagram labelled Elements. Topmost active metal and clockwise following → passive metal → active wood → passive wood → active fire → passive fire → active earth  → passive earth. This paradigm in the diagrams is the real evaluer of closed systems where the characteristics similar to life are observed.

The arrows – outside the star – indicate the most favourable sequence in the Element diagram. Metal helps water appear when digging the ground or pounding living matter like fruit. Metal creates water. A water person benefits from a metal conditions because his/her energies are supported by metal. Water in turn will help the wood person to grow and wood in turn fuels fire. To a writer born in a fire year, a wood partner will be very rewarding, while in tern fire through its own activity when supplied with wood will create earth which in turn will contain metal. Therefore metal is born from the earth.

Elements Reconcile

Now turn for the inner descriptions of what the arrows show. Starting again from metal in top position, metal getting involved with fire nature will destabilise metal because fire melts metal. While fire dominates metal, water diminishes fire’s power. Fire gives energy away to water. Water is absorbed by earth and will disappear because earth soaks it up and thus dissipates it. Wood extracts the power of earth for its own growth and it is metal which cuts wood to reduce it in size.

The Reconciliation diagram on the right describes how (integrities) elements behave when one needs to balance or remedy negative relationships. Again, if we start with metal in top position, it will gain power over wood by controlling the size of wood and in turn fire will be affected because it will have reduced heat which can be turned onto metal. In the diagram, the arrow from fire travels to wood which in turn travels to metal. So this is how the Chinese elemental system is realised in schematic way to make it a little simpler.

In the American financial system the unrestricted growth (like plants which supply food to individuals) has grown oversize and was stored without reduction in size by slow ‘fuel reduction.’ Bushfires are greater if no ‘fuel reduction’ is applied. Now all the fuel (money which was freely available before) has disappeared. No more wood as it were. This is because of the war which is an uncontrolled fire and the housing crisis was the last flame which took the last bit of finance security away. This was the plan of Osama bin Ladin in the first place. He could not believe his luck when the Bush administration followed Sadam Hussein. Bush the general has made the same mistake as Napoleon in Russia. Napoleon lost because of the supply lines were so long, it could not support troop actiity. Bush fallen in the same trap.

Elements Reconcile

The bailing out of the banks, if it goes according to President Bush’s request is like taking another lot of wood, which was in storage for the American people and burning it by those who have caused the fire in the first place. The difference is going to be in the future that there is no more ability for the country to have any ‘winter store’ set aside because they are now preparing to burn what is left, so the practice of self destruct will be maintained.

The security for the money deposits to protect people’s money is one criterion some legislators desire to introduce to protect the depositors money, so the people who abused their position will not be able to burn more unrestrictedly. But these steps will not assist. It is not enough to protect trees from the weather, they must also be fed. The earth nature which fuels growth (wealth of the nation) was abused by those who have done the burning. If they are used to promote growth in the cycle is where the capitalist system will create its own decomposition because if the system is used as it was the proverb that if you do what you did will for ever give you what you got.

The American nation must find another way of living. President Bush, who waisted enormous amounts of money of the American people, should pay for the result of his work. The same way as drug dealers are divested of their wealth acquired through crime, so should politicians pay for the loss of money that belonged to the nation.

If the devastated public purse can not be replenished from those who created the ‘money burning’ in the first place the natural cycle is damaged. That is what stagnation is. Financial mumbo-jumbo talk can not avoid facing the real cycle of integrities!! This is where the need for the restrictive and rigid nature of metal is needed to chop the wild growth of wood nature people who suck the quality out of the earth without replenishing the substance needed for growth.

Elements Reconcile

The application of metal to prune will assist the re-appearance of water which is also needed for growth. Water’s nature is to meander and to get to the most stable point where it can gather into a passive pond which will be more powerful then a brook which happens when people are restricted to do to work to created and search out new paths. Water nature is the nature of the American peoples. At the moment the earth that is created by the fire of people profiteering individuals keeps the profit made in their possession. This way as was said: ‘They have privatised the profit and socialised the debt.

This year is active earth year. The fluidity (water element) of the American finances has been absorbed further by the active earth year. Next year is a passive earth year and more energy will be lost because of lack of understanding of natural cycles in the Americas. The focusing on unnatural financial concepts that are appearing as a saving system is irrational in comparison to natural sequences and that will further undermine the country.

The following years of 2010 and 2011 are metal years and that is where America will be pruned even more and the growth of wood (food for the natural growth) will be devastating. The only hope is placed (from an astrological point of view into the 2012 of water year, but because there will be no stability in the previous years of metal (2010, 2011) the country will slide more into a system which is unable to recover. This also corresponds to the 2012 enigma.

Again the past two thousand year’s philosophy coming out of the Judeo-Christian Biblical concept of ‘use all in the world because god gave it to you’ is in the centre of greed-illness plaguing the US. The religion of greed is what does not respect natural cycles and that is what is destructive. The fuel provided by China through the cheap productions has also contributed. The Islamic states desiring to change currency to gold is devastating the recovery of the US because they are unable to afford to change back as this would make them having to face reality, that what they own is amounting to near nothing.

Elements Reconcile

The close study of the Reconciliation diagram provides the answer to the politicians. Bailing out the banks who are the wrongdoers is the push that will destroy the American nation. The present burning of money as President Bush has done in Afghanistan and Iraq is the problem. The insatiable greed of real-estate agents created an inflation of housing. Now America is looking down the barrel of the inflation of inflation. Who can ignore Zimbabwe!! The same natural cycle was destroyed by Mugabe and the inflation of thousands of percent is the result.

The addition to the mix of John McCain who desires to do the same and some more fails to understand that the bin Ladin strategy of metal chopping here chopping there of the American branches causes the bleeding of the nation. The estimation I have is that the decomposition of the state of the USA is not only inevitable but has turned the apex and now is heading down the slope.

America must bite the bullet and take the money out of the pocket of the wrong doers to survive. Knowing how the American think I bet my bottom dollar as the best investment I can make that they will not.

Sun & Moon


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