Letters to Readers (1l)


Greetings to those who have found this site either by searching or by recommendation from friends. The title of this page is an indication about the importance of this site because for the last few days it had to be updated daily as a result of visitors joining.

I have made strong point when ever I thought it was necessary to inform people about thinking and realizations in one's life that the best family life is the one where all members know what is happening. As a result I am very happy to announce that the HourglassWisdom Web Site has found its roots in Australia and now to welcome many people from other parts of the world.

Please Note: The only way we are able to confirm your town and country if you change the browser settings and allow java script facility.


Big welcome to:

1. United Kingdom
Brentford London,

2. United States
Auburn - Mitchigan,
Austin - Texas,
Cambridge - Massachusetts,
Edison - New Jersey,
Huntington Park - California,
Lawrence - Kansas,
Minneapolis - Minnesota,
New York - New York,
North Metro - Georgia,
Phyladelaphia - Pensylvania,
Reno - Nevada,
Seattle - Washington,
Washington - District of Columbia,

3. People's Republic of China
Tsuen Wan - Hong Kong.

4. Australia
Adelaide - South Australia,
Brisbane - Queensland,
Melbourne - Victoria,
Moe - Victoria,
Sydney - New South Wales,
Townsville - Queensland.

5. United Arab Emerits.
Abu Dhabi

6. Jordan

This way of communing also will allow new sections to be introduced and thereby making people informed if they take their time to pay attention to these posts.

Thank you very much for taking a place at my table and enjoy the ideas thrown around. It may turn out to be a good house to visit every so often and please 'do as the Romans do,' as the saying goes.

The one rule which is a must: your intent must be respectable.

We received nearly 22,000 visitors in the last two months (since the blog started). Thank you all for visiting.

Sun & Moon

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